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Male Impotence Treatment

Hardrock Sex Capsules:- Best Male Impotence Sex Capsule

Hard Rock male importance capsule contain ingredients which promote a higher rate of cell reproduction. It compensates the loss of damaged tissues and regenerative organs become stronger. The medicine increases male libido that helps to last longer and boosts man`s physical and mental health. The medicine is a renowned name due to its natural and powerful properties. It helps in curing the erection issue completely and quickly.

Benefits of Hardrock Sex Capsules :

  • Specialist for the Cure of Erectile Dysfunction issue.
  • Prevents Premature Ejaculation.
  • Increase Sex stamina and Erection power.
  • Harder erections and longer timing Explosive orgasms.
  • Stimulates testosterone.
  • Strengthens the penis area.
  • 100 % Safe and secure method.
  • No chemicals, only natural ingredients.
  • No side effect risk.


Hard Rock incites the body to naturally produce a high amount of testosterone. It increases sex stamina and helps to get quality erections which create love-making better than ever. HardRock male sexual dysfunction treatment capsules ensure good blood flow to the genital area that results in erections for long sessions and increased sex stamina. All of these advantages make a male capable to take his partner to awesome peaks and in attaining erections one after another.

What is erectile dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction isImage result for Erectile Dysfunction one of the most problematic issues that could arise in the life of a man. It not only weakens the emotional and love relations but also damages his self-esteem and confidence. A man is considered to have erectile dysfunction when he finds difficulty in gaining or keeping up a good and hard erection which is the requirement to penetrate the partner or to indulge in sexual activity.

Most men encounter this issue in their life at some point but it does not remain permanently. The issue arises when the problem in gaining or maintaining the erection repeats itself again and again.

Comprehensively, there are two types of male sexual dysfunction that can influence men’s sexual experiences –

Temporary sexual dysfunction – Can be cured with counseling, self-analysis and talk with the partner.

Frequent sexual dysfunction –Needs a proper erectile dysfunction treatment.

Some Facts on Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Erectile dysfunction is a frequently occurred situation when the person fails in achieving and maintaining a hard erection,required to have sex.
  • The causes of this issue can be both psychological and physical.
  • The physical causes are the result of underperformance of penis blood vessels and low blood supply of nerves of the penis.
  • Long term prescription drugs, alcohol consumption and smoking also are the major factors to cause erectile dysfunction.
  • A proper diagnosis of the situation helps in understanding the real reasons of the issue which can range from psychological to physical reasons or other reasons like diabetes, high blood pressure, obese, etc.
  • It can happen to anyone, from an adult to a senior person.
  • The issue of erectile dysfunction can be cured with a proper treatment.

The main causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The issue of erectile dysfunction can happen due to many reasons. For the ease of understanding, we have categorized the issue in different headings. The weak erection could be the result of following reasons:

Physiological Contribution

  • No blood flow to the penis organ – It could happen due to many reasons. Be it injury, blockage in the veins, or other diseases like diabetes, smoking, alcohol, obesity, etc.
  • Nervous supply which means low or interrupted blood flow– When the nervous system does not provide proper flow of blood to the penis, due to reasons like depression, tension or other neurological issues.
  • Low secretion of hormones(testosterone)- The low secretion of testosterone causes lack of stamina and excitement and so body does not prepare for the sex act.


Physical causes of the issue

It is suggested to consult a doctor for proper checkup if the person is suffering from erectile dysfunction issue because it is more likely that he is facing any physical issue which is hampering his efficiency in bed. These are the main physical causes-

  • Heart disease which limits the blood flow to the body
  • Diabetes which reduces the body energy levels
  • High blood pressure that prevents the full excitement and blood flow
  • Hormonal disorders like thyroid condition and lack of sufficient amount of testosterone
  • High cholesterol is problematic for blood veins and vessels
  • Obesity thatcauses low metabolic rate which in turn slows down the body energy circulation, creates blockage of fat and invites diabetes
  • Prostate disease treatment
  • Injuries in Pelvic area or Spinal cord
  • Surgical causes
  • Parkinson`s disease
  • Radiation therapy in the pelvic area

Prescription reasons

  • Medicines to control high blood pressure
  • Medicines that work on nervous system
  • Sleeping pills
  • Treatments for depression and anxiety
  • Cancer treatment
  • Prostate treatment and prescriptions
  • Hormonal drugs
  • Some kind of painkillers

Psychological Causes

The issue of erectile dysfunction can also be due to mental reasons. Mind is the operational center of body and so every act is related to its performance and situation.

  • Ejaculation and sexual pressures – When a person expects too much from him, or thinks too much, or is under impression from any pornographic content, etc. Sex is for enjoyment and not to win the exam.
  • Anxiety and tension – It weakens a man`s will power and the efficiency of body.
  • Guilt and low self-esteem – It is worst of all as the person fails to justify his own thoughts and does not believe in his own capacity though the solution is simple. Just believe in yourself.
  • Fear of intimacy and hesitation – It happens when a person is too shy or is in the habit of living alone.
  • Depression – Depression causes so many issues in the body including sexual dysfunction.
  • Stress – Stress cause the body to go back to relax mode and thus in the time of stress, the body and mind does not prepare itself for sex act completely.
  • Poor communication with sex partner – It is also a major point. Many people focus more on the act and fail to establish a good communication which ends the interest and flow of sex.


These are some of the main reasons of erectile dysfunction. While the physical reasons need proper treatment in every case, the psychological reasons could be treated by just correcting the mental process and thought sphere. But in some cases, a little push of good healing powers is required to get above the problems. And for all these reasons, Hard Rock erectile dysfunction medicine is the best supplement and treatment.

For Maximum Sexual Performance and Hard-Rock Erections:-

Since the discovery of Viagra, men are obsessed with this medicine. But it turns out to be two face sword, which cuts to both sides. While it gives good sexual performance till the impact, it drastically downgrades the original capacity of men.So, instead of going for such a risky and temporary medicine, one should look for a proper and reliable treatment. Not long ago, the term male sexual dysfunction came into existence. Before that, people used to call it as impotency which is complete failure of penile system. But after it was found that the erectile dysfunction can be treated, people have started learning new techniques to overcome the issue. It gave them an idea that they were not getting the proper erections before but they can. Thus, treatment for erectile dysfunction came into existence.

How to get powerful Erections by Natural cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

Natural Erectile dysfunction treatment works to enhance erection quality by energizing male penile system and strengthening blood cells. Hashmi`sHardrockmedicine for sexually long time is designed utilizing highly beneficial herbs. The right blend is made after extensive research and testing to address all the possible causes of the issue.

There are plenty of options available which claim to treat the issue guaranteed, but to say it right, there is no term like guarantee in Medical field. The right word is fair chance. Besides, in the haste of going for quicker results, people often opt for the wrong medicine which projects bad results than the benefits. If you want a right and safe medication, you should first choose the right medium. Presently, the world is going again for the natural medication. They may work a bit slower, but the result is permanent. Besides, they don’t have any side effect risk. It makes natural medicine the perfect solution for every complex problem.

Hardrock capsule – The Best Option in Natural Treatment

We are here to provide you the harder erection-pills, the best treatment for all the sexual problems. We are Hashmi Herbal, one of the oldest and reliable natural medicine pharmacy in India. We have been the specialist in curing the complex sexual problems and general health problems. With this erectile dysfunction cure, we are able to reach to millions of people worldwide and have benefitted them with this powerful and safe medicine.

Hard Rock Sex Capsules are made with natural ingredients which make it completely safe and reliable. The medicine helps in prevention of premature ejaculation, increase the erection power of the veins and help you last longer in bed. The issue of Erectile dysfunction leaves your body permanently and you feel energetic and full of vigor every time you go in bed.


Quercusincana, Myristicafragrans, Hygrophilaspinosa, Asphaltum, Orchismascula, Mucunapruriens, Tribulusterrestris, WithaniaSomnifera

Usage – Kindly contact our specialists for the knowledge of right prescription.


Frequently Asked Question:


What are the main issues for which I can take this medicine?

The medicine is specially made for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but it is also an important medicine to cure other sexual issues like weakness in erection, erection timing, ejaculation timing, sex stamina. For proper counseling, you can call anytime to our specialists who will give you complete information regarding your issue.

Is there any side effect risk of Hard Rock Capsule?

The medicine is safe from all kinds of side effect risks. It is possible due to its all natural formulation. The medicine promotes only the good developments and leaves no chance for any negative impact during or after the course.

How long I will experience the benefits?
The medicine gives the long lasting benefit. Due to its natural properties, the medicine gives the result that comes after the proper correction of the penile function. So, the results do not fade away. Just Stay positive, follow a healthy life style, and do exercise every day for the long term benefits.

How can I order for the medicine and how will I receive it?

The medicine can be ordered online or you can call us or email us to order for the medicine. There are two options – Cash on delivery (applicable in India) and Online payment. The medicine comes in trial pack and one month course pack.

What is promise of this medicine results?

The medicine is a natural supplement that works in the penile area to regulate and correct the issues that cause the erectile dysfunction. Unlike other chemical formulations, the medicine heals and energizes the penis veins and cells which results in better sexual efficiency. So far the promise of the performance of the medicine is concerned, we don’t give false claims. We can assure that being a powerful natural supplement, the medicine cures all the weakness and issues of the sexual dysfunction and fills the penis with energy. It obviously results in better sexual capacity. The medicine might take time in some cases, but it at last comes up with results. It all depends upon the individual capacity of the user.

How is it different from other sexual dysfunction treatments available in the market?

The medicine is known for its powerful natural properties. The working method of this male sexual dysfunction treatment is quite different from other medicines. It starts from the basic. The medicine first removes the issues that cause the sexual dysfunction and then moves to energize and improve the veins and muscles of the penis. The increased capacity to hold the blood and better secretion of testosterone boosts the sexual interest many folds and brings the hard and long lasting erection. The medicine also improves the intercourse capacity and extends the time by 15-20 minutes. Due to its overall impact on the sexual performance, this medicine stands out from all others. Opt for the course once, and live with manliness for a long time. The medicine is the new alternate for all your sexual dysfunction