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Penis Enlargement Capsule

Best Penis Enlargement Pills – Natural Way to Improve Your Manliness

Sikander-E-Azam capsule is the medicine to increase the size of penis. It works for every person irrelevant of age. The medicine profits not only in the size and girth of the penis but also boosts sexual capacity many folds. The medicine is the most result oriented, completely researched and tested, natural medicine and is completely safe from any side effects risk. The complete course of Sikander-e-azam sex enlargement pills do a complete makeover in a man and turn him into a beast in bed.

The Benefits of Sikander-E-Azam Capsule are:

  • Increase the size of penis to possible extent.
  • Benefit is permanent and quick.
  • Cures Premature Ejaculation.
  • Harder and stronger erection.
  • Long duration of intercourse.
  • Treats the problem of Erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves the overall health of Male organ.
  • 100% Natural combination.
  • No side effects.


What is Penis Enlargement?

Image result for what is Penis_enlargementPenis enlargement is a term used for medication therapies used to increase the size of Penis. The penis is always taken as the sign of manliness in man and so a stronger and harder penis is the basic requirement in bed. People opt for frequent methods to increase the size and improve their performance by taking different penis enlargement pills. There are always rumors whether the size can be increased or not, the truth is, yes you can. With the help of certain right medicines, you can achieve your maximum potential.

Penis is one of the most important parts of a man. It is one of the blessings of nature to man which provides a way to show his love. Sex is not a thing for physical fulfillment but also connects one to his mental harmony. It is an awesome association between one`s personality and body. Sex gives a definitive fulfillment, refreshment and an inclination to live enthusiastically.

So far as the identity is concerned, the penis is an indication of masculinity in man. A decent size and great execution capacity in bed doubtlessly helps a man to achieve the best place in the eyes of his partner. It also helps in keeping a higher self-esteem and is cherished by his partner. These things mentally improve his physical and mental state. Thus, man-penis performance connection is difficult to understand and is largely underrated.

Why the penis size matters and the need of penis enlargement?

Do you ever think why a young lady finds more attraction towards a strong and great looking person? Most of the times, she doesn’t do it purposely, rather it is her hormones and brain response that makes a decent impression of him in her psyche. There are always certain sexual strings attached in an opposite sex fascination. It is deemed obvious that a strong body will clearly be the proprietor of a good penis. Though, practically, it is not generally right. The development and capacity of penis relies upon few variables that are not completely in the control of humans. Because of the relation between body and sex, it is important that a man achieve what he desires in bed. If not, the things will surely move to the wrong path.

The Average Penis Size and Importance Of Penis Size In Sex:

One of the biggest confusions and myths are in respect to the penis size. Some live gladly while others feel doubt regarding the penis size. To clear this uncertainty, the facts are given here.

It is discovered and proven that 5.5 to 5.7 inch is sufficient to satisfy a lady, given the person knows the method, has good emotional connection with his partner and has a good timing.

The normal size of a man varies from nation to nation. In USA and other western nations, it ranges from 5.7 to 6.3 inches. In India, it ranges from 5 to 5.6 inches. So, there is the strong possibility that you come under this average size. The main point of concern is, do you need any penis enlargement pills or not? Everything relies on your and your partner`s individual needs. If you are a glad and satisfied couple even with the 5 inch penis, then there may have no compelling reasons to go for penis enlargement, save you are a sex enthusiast.

The logical side of a penis increment:

It is a known truth that a big penis, say up to 6 to 6.5 inches, is a treat for any lady. Regardless of whether she has or has not experienced it, once she gets it, she will always remember those minutes for her entire life. The reason behind it is the functionality of the vagina. A woman`s vagina is one of the most delicate parts with bunches of shrouded astonishments.


One such secret is G-spot, which is a fantasy of every man to touch with his penis. In layman language, this part is used to be somewhere inside upper area of vagina. One has to make a rising 75 degree angle to touch that part. It is the most delicate piece of a lady and lady adores a man touching there.

This spot can be touched with a decent penis size. If a man succeeds in doing so, he turns into a perfect finisher for that lady. The spot helps the lady to achieve best climaxes and satisfaction. The second advantage of a decent penis size is the total fulfillment of vagina. Whenever excited, the vagina stretches up to 4 to 4.5 inches. And for this reasons, it implies that a penis of 6 inch will touch all aspects of the vagina and will bring extreme intercourse session and enjoyment.

Penis Enlargement – Myth and Reality

myth-exposed-about-penis-enlargement-pillsThis is a long discussed and researched thing. What exactly should be penis size? Is it relevant to have a bigger penis? A man with smaller penis is not good at sex ?

Many questions can come in mind, but you have to find the answer for one question. What is the relevancy of size in the sexual act and for both partners. As everyone knows sex is done for the mutual satisfaction and the peak can give you mental relaxation as well. It is very necessary that both the partners should be able to fulfill the fantasies of one another. A woman always desires for a good size. It directly impacts upon her subconscious and conscious mind and make the arousal easier. Besides, she feels more excitement and sensation in the intercourse.

According to the researches and studies conducted from time to time, it is proven that an average size is enough to have the intercourse because studies does not count for emotions and fantasies, they can state this. But the sex act is a mix of emotions, passions, fantasies, imaginations and physical need. To satisfy your partner and win her heart, a good size is necessary. It also increases your confidence and pride in your own sense.

What are the primary techniques available for penis enlargement?

There are numerous strategies that claim of expanding the penis size. These methods can be classified into four principle classifications:

Principle Techniques to grow Penis Size:


  • Surgery
  • Exercises
  • Extenders and types of gear
  • Supplements


  1. Surgery – Surgery is the innovation of allopathic procedure. It is said to be one of extremely helpful and pivotal discovery in the therapeutic world. It has changed the lives of numerous people. But when it comes to penis surgery, things turn somewhat unpredictable and insecure.


Penis enlargement surgery is not a welcome choice. Despite the fact that it will expand your size, it comes with some genuine reactions that you will dislike. You will find that your penis is hanging between your legs, you may find that your penis is not getting better erection, erectile dysfunction, scars, and many other reactions could be the aftereffect of penis surgery. The odds that reactions will happen, is 95% of times. And penis is not such a part where anyone would welcome issues.

Penis surgery is for those individuals who have a smaller penis, say 2-3 inch. For a normal penis possessor, surgery is not a good option at all.


  1. Exercises – Exercise is a popular and ancient method to achieve any shortcomings in body. So far the penis size is concerned, if done in right state of mind and style, can immensely profit in size and execution. But it is not that easy and quick. It takes time, patience and right exercise with consistency.
  2. Penis Extenders – Penis extender is not a well-known technique in the market. But when it comes about the advantages of this instrument, anyone would like to try it without a doubt. It is a somewhat difficult technique to follow still it gives a valuable benefit in the penis estimate. The extender is worn on the penis with help of bolster straps for 5-6 hours daily.

The consistent use makes the penis muscles and cells to extend. This stretch results in the development of new cells in the penis. The extender also helps in fortifying of veins and muscles which brings better erections and timing. But, not everyone would like to use a extender every day when it comes to its uses.

  1. Supplements – Supplements are of many types, ie; – Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Home grown, Homeopathic, and so on. Some are available with claims of guaranteed results while some comes with cash back offers. In the present competitive market, a customer is smart enough to understand that prescriptions are simply medicines, and not the God`s words. So the claim to get 100% achievement is an unimportant market procedure. To get the reasonably right and beneficial medicine, one should look for some essential parameters like the history and record of manufacturer, their market technique and suppositions, their goodwill, the renowned products, the projected medicine, its formulation, the strategy for treatment (allopathic, natural, Ayurveda, homeo., etc.), do they suppress the issue or cure it, the cost, and the advantages, the reactions of the prescription (if any), the benefit of medicine on the penis, and other similar things should be assessed.

As there is no appropriate and standard method to treat the sexual issues, each pharmaceutical maker tries to offer its item without giving a genuine reason. The market is loaded with the fake and clone promoters. Given to the affectability, delicacy and significance of the penis, one should consider every above specified terms.

Whereas Natural methodology is concerned, these are the positive points of a natural medicine,

  • Use of precious and valuable herbs
  • No use of chemicals
  • Ancient treatment method evolved in new method
  • Adaptability of Human body for natural components
  • A natural treatment heals the body
  • It attempts to improve the limits of related body part to deal with the issue
  • Free from all the symptoms and delayed consequences
  • Long lasting outcomes
  • Reliable and endorsed treatment strategy
  • No symptoms suppression to treat the issue

Penis Enlargement Medicine in India:

Because we know the real facts, we have made a cure. We are Hashmi herbal pharmacy, one of reliable and oldest pharmacy in India. We provide specific treatment for sexual and general health problems and are very famous for effective treatment of sex health issues.  To increase the size of the penis, Sikander E Azam is famous and impressive best penis enlargement pills. This capsule is capable of increasing the length and girth of your penis due to its very rare and precious natural herbs. It works in corpus cavernosum and incites the cells to create new blood cells that hold blood while erection. The medicine stimulates the hormones and improves the blood flow to the penis. So far, as per the results and feedbacks, these are the best penis enlargement pills in India in natural treatment.



Some important measures to maintain the health of the Penis and improve sexual performance

Quit smoking and alcohol– For your lungs and liver, as well as to keep up your sexual power, quit smoking and liquor consumption. It is genuinely helpful. The smoking makes the blood coagulations, liquor diminishes the testosterone level by decreasing the action of mind. In addition, it influences the liver that debilitates the veins of penis organ. A man can deal with the huge dangers to his life however will never trade off on his masculinity. If you get this, change your way from today.

Exercise daily – The mystery of a solid, upbeat, dynamic and fit life lies in exercise. Practice day by day as it is the fundamental prerequisite of your body to keep you out of garbage issues. Exercise pushes the body limits, keeps up the correct blood stream in the body and adjusts the discharge of testosterone. If you are thinking to attempt for penis expansion exercises, then first concentrate on body work out. Make it a propensity, a need to live with.

Fortify the pelvic muscles and floor – Yoga and Kegel exercises help in this. Hone it consistently.

Decrease stomach fat – The excess fat makes you inadequate in looks. It hampers your appearance and appeal. The tummy fat also makes penis look small. The stomach fat could prompt erectile dysfunction and invites premature ejaculation. So eliminate your unnecessary fat.

Maintain a strategic distance from Viagra – Never use Viagra. We know everybody attempts it as amateur but then it becomes a need with time. The Viagra makes you a brute in the bed when you use it yet it brings a great deal of issues after it. A sudden infusion of expanded power and sensation

debilitates the limit of your penis veins to pick up the erection itself. On the off chance if you are experiencing any sexual issue that can be dealt with, the Viagra can make it difficult to treat.