About Herbal : Hashmi Herbal Pharmacy

During the first half of the 20th century modern medicine and allopathy has made a tremendous progress in curing and controlling many chronic and acute diseases all over the globe. Today some of those diseases namely malaria, plague and small pox believed to have been eradicated is reemerging with increased intensity.

At the same time certain new and more deadly disease are also emerging. Speedy economic growth and consequent Urbanization are inflicting another set of stress, environment and behavior-related disease. And, even, age-old ailments such as diabetes, infertility, impotency do not have complete cure from allopathy treatment. So, modern medicine is in the crossroads, today and is unable to answer for all these diverse range of human ailments while the world is entering the next millennium with a rapidly changing socio-economic system. Through out the world at this juncture, men / women are turning towards alternative systems of medicine, particularly “Unani medicine” in search of answers to their sufferings.

Who we are?

 We are the Hashmi Group, the Natural drug
manufacturer based in India, working for mankind since 1929, when Late Hakeem Hashmi started a small pharmacy. That time, he originally made Unani and herbal combinations to treat all kinds of sex health issues, but with the passing of time, with the rich experience and deep knowledge of Natural and herbal medication, the pharmacy is now one of famous Natural and Herbal medicine pharmacy. The secret knowledge of ancient Unani scriptures and the advances of modern technology is used for manufacturing herbal medicines which have been approved by various government and health bodies.

The company has received ISO and GMP certification and conferred with various healthcare awards for its contribution to the field of medicine.

Unani Pharmacy

According to About Herbal, a prominent, Unani pharmacy and research center ‘Unani’ stand apart from other alternative medical systems, because of its enlargement, way of approach and the well-developed treatment methods. Today the whole world recognized Unani as a unique system of medicine. The Unani system of medicine owes as its name suggests its origin to Greece. It was the great Greek philosopher-physician Hippocrates (460-377 B.C) who freed medicine from the realm of superstition and magic, and gave it the status of science. The theoretical framework of Unani medicine is based on the teachings of Hippocrates. After Hippocrates a number of other Greek scholars enriched the system considerably of them, Galen (131-210 A.D) stands out as the one who stabilized its foundation, on which Arab physician like Rhazes (850-925) and Aviceena (980-1037) constructed an imposing edifice. Thus Unani traveled from Greece, to Egypt, then to Spain from where it reached Baghdad. From Baghdad it came to Iran where it made tremendous progress and produced great physicians.

Unani Medicine

Unani medicine got enriched by imbibing what was best in the contemporary systems of traditional medicine in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, India, China and other Middle East and Far East countries. It also benefited from the native medical system in practice at time in various parts of central Asia. That is why this system is known, in different parts of the world, with different names such as Greco-Arab medicine, Iranian medicine, Arab medicine, Islamic medicine, traditional medicine, oriental medicine etc.