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8 Techniques To Stay Longer In The Bed If You Come Out Quickly

Do you want to stay longer in bed? If your answer is in “YES” then this post is for you. We are going to talk about 8 actionable techniques to stay longer in the bed if you climaxing way quicker than normal.

Premature ejaculation also known as PE is the main reason behind the early ejaculation. It’s a situation when people ejaculate way earlier than normal and sometimes in the beginning. It can leave your partner unsatisfied in the bedroom that may hamper your relationship later.


There are millions of people looking for how to cure PE permanently or something like this but the question is does PE is curable? And the answer is “Yes”. There are several techniques that people using from time to time to control the early ejaculation. And the best part is all of them are actionable and anyone can get benefited from them.

I would walk you through the causes of premature ejaculation before heading over the techniques so that you can know the reasons behind the early ejaculation and avoid such things in the future. You Know – “Prevention is the best Treatment”.

Causes of Early Ejaculation (PE)

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction in men. Every third person is suffering from early ejaculation. It is also the facts that PE is associated with the age. The older you will be the most likely you will suffer from PE. There are several other causes of premature ejaculation that you will know later in the post. You will be surprised to know that some of them are our self developed. Means you can stay longer in the bed by just controlling your activities. So, let’s check them out.

Watching Excessive Porn Videos – Yes, you read the right! Watching porn videos leads you to masturbate too early that become your habit after a few months. It also affects dopamine production – a hormone responsible for ejaculation. As porn is widely available over the internet, people don’t mind to watch some videos every week and in some cases every day that causes early ejaculation problem.

Watching Excessive Porn Videos

Anxiety & Performance Pressure – After experiencing a few failed attempts in the bedroom your pressure level goes up to perform better next time. In some cases, people expectations are unrealistic because of watching excessive porn videos in which actors doing the sex way longer than normal sex timing. Don’t make your mind makeup on this point because you never know the story behind the cameras.

There are some mini causes related to mental health like the history of sexual abuse, depression and poor self-esteem but they are rare so let’s move on techniques to fight with PE and stay longer in the bed.

Techniques to Stay longer in the Bed

Technique #1: Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise is one of the most common and effective solutions to premature ejaculation. If you are looking to get your sexual timing back then kegel is for you. Before performing kegel exercise I would suggest you have proper knowledge of what kegel exercise is and how to perform it in the right way for maximum gain. Firstly, don’t get confused with male and female. Kegel exercise for the male and female both works differently.

The key benefit of kegel exercise for men is it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that hold the bladder and bowl and ultimately helps to boost the sexual performance. Kegel exercise is a 3 step technique that should be performed carefully. Check out how to do the Kegel exercise for men here.

Technique #2: The Stop-Start Method

This technique worked for many people who have control over their excitement. In this technique, the male partner stops the penetration when he feels more excitement or about to ejaculate. After a few seconds when their breath down normal they can start the sex again. This technique is for those guys who just come out within minutes. If your timing is 5 to 10 minutes then I don’t recommend this technique because it may leave your partner unsatisfied.

Technique#3: Mughal-e-Azam Premature Ejaculation Pills

You will be surprised if I’ll tell you about a pill that let you do the sex for at least 15 minutes. But the catch is after completing the course your enhanced timing will be permanent. Yes, I’m talking about Mughal-e-Azam premature ejaculation pills. This pill is India’s best medicine for pe made by Hashmi Dawakhana a reputed pharmacy based in Amroha Uttar Pradesh. And for your information, I would tell you that, this is a herbal medicine made of pure herbs and natural ingredients.

No chemicals and harmful ingredients are included like Viagra and other sexual enhancement medicines that work instantly and last for few hours but in the long run, they produce some serious side effects. Unlike Viagra, this best medicine for early discharge has not produced any side effects till now. Thousands of people already used this medicine and increased their sex timing significantly across India and abroad.

Technique#4: Spend More Time on Foreplay


There are a huge number of people who complaints about early ejaculation either give a little time to foreplay or don’t spend any time at all. Foreplay let you melt with each other and also help you warmed up before the start. It helps you to go for longer sessions and ultimately helps you both partner to get aroused that is cannot be achieved without foreplay. Unlike movies where stars just take off the clothes and just started, in the real life we need to get aroused before start the intercourse.

Technique#5: Try Different Sex Positions

Trying different sex positions could increase your sexual timing significantly. Penetrating in the single position could lead you to early ejaculation due to excitement level, but if you change the sex positions after a definite period of time, your excitement level will slow down and it feels you like starting from the beginning that ultimately helps you increase your sexual timing. Another benefit of trying multiple sex positions is you will enjoy the sex act at its full because every position has their own feeling and enjoyment that no one would like to miss.

Technique#6: Masturbate Before Going on Bed

In a study, it is found that people who masturbate before the intercourse tend to stay longer on the bed as compared to the people who don’t. The reason behind this statement is when beautiful couples met each other for the sex, their excitement level goes up and when they started all of sudden you’ve made a mess all over bedcover. Masturbation before going on the bed could relax your nerves and you have the control over your excitement level that helps you stay longer during the sex. Another theory about masturbation and sexual timing are if you take the longer time to masturbate then it may become your habit to not ejaculate quickly that result in longer sexual timing.

Technique#7: Notice Your Breath

Just like stop and start method, focusing your breath could also give you some extra minutes during the sex. When you feel your breath goes up (that usually goes up when you about to ejaculate and down after the ejaculation) just stop for few seconds and when you feel start again. It’s similar to the start and stops method but here you have to keep your eye on your breath.

Technique#8: The Squeeze Method

This is an old method that people using from the ancient time to stop the early ejaculation and boost sexual timing. It’s not a full proof method and sometimes it hearts if you are late to squeeze. In this method, when people about to come, they squeeze their base of the penis to stop the ejaculation. As I’ve earlier said, it’s not a reliable method but if you are able to squeeze on the right time it definitely helps you stay longer on the bed.


So these are the most actionable techniques that could help you stay longer on the bed if you come out quickly. All of the methods we have mentioned in this post are the reliable and safe way to boost sexual performance. If you have any question or suggestion feels free to let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to answer your question as soon as possible.

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