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Penis Extender Device : Safe, Non-surgical and Intuitive Way to Increase Penis Size

What a Penis Extender Device does;

  1. Increases penis size up to 2-2.5 inches and girth up to 1-1.25 inches
  2. Improves erection quality and brings harder erections every time
  3. Increases sexual stamina and penile muscles capacity
  4. Increases penis endurance and erection stability
  5. Increases intercourse timing up to 30 minutes
  6. Scientific method to increase penis size
  7. Strengthens penis muscles and tissues
  8. Prevents premature ejaculation
  9. Helps in erectile dysfunction
  10. Easy to use
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What is a Penis Extender Device?

Penis extender device is one of its kind innovation in the field of man`s sexual health that helps in gaining benefits in size and endurance without any surgical processes. It is one of those few penis enlargement methods which are even confirmed by researchers for producing positive results. Penis enlargement is not an easy process. It takes lots of efforts, care and the right approach of treatment. This device penis extender is worn on the penis using the belts. There are proper arrangements on the device to fix the penis on it. The device is worn for at least 5-6 hours every day which means the user has to wear it and forget it till evening.

Penile extender device works on the law of traction which states that body gains permanent increment in its size if it is methodically and consistently stretched. The time period to realize the visible results is a bit long in comparison to penis enlargement medicine but it is for those men who want to increase the size but are not ready to take penis enlargement pills or apply a cream.

The Working Method of Penis Extender Device:–

The penis extender device works on the method of traction. When you wear the penis extender, your penis remains in the state of traction in which the muscles and tissues of the penis experience a light stretch. When this stretch is put every day on the penis, the penis cells start expanding and breaking into two. It makes way for new cells formation. These cells hold blood during arousal. The amount of blood they hold helps in determining the size of the penis.
The regular use of penile extender device increases the amount of blood holding tissues in the penis while expanding their size. Besides, this traction also improves the endurance of the penis muscles and veins. It helps in strengthening of these muscles which work to improve the quality and intensity of the erection. The stronger muscles become capable to hold blood for a longer time in the penis and do not lose in the process of intercourse when energy is continuously spent. It helps in better penetration, better sexual experience for both the partners and ultimate satisfaction.

Penis Enlargement Medicine vs. Penis Extender Device:-

It is a very obvious comparison that could come in anyone`s mind. Which one of these two is a better option? So far the medicines are concerned, every penis pills is not an assurance to gain in size and so it depends upon the medicine that the user has opted. On the other hand, most penis extender devices are similar in their working methodology and results, expect differences in their build quality and some additional safety features.

So when it comes to comparison, there are the main points to consider. First one is the choice and preference of the person, ie; whether he wants to take medicines or just want to wear the device and eliminate the need for reminders to swallow medicines.

The second one is the time duration and cost involved. The device takes much longer time in increasing the size than medicines but extender involves less cost.

The third one is the care and precaution habit. Medicine does all the work regarding balancing the hormones, enlarging the size, etc. but in case of an extender, the user needs to take care of his food and lifestyle habits as the device works on muscles and does not supplement the need of nutrition and supplements.

If you want a safe and promising penis enlargement method, you can, without doubt, opt for penis extender device. Though it takes a bit of time, it proves its worth.

How to use ‘Penis Extender’ on daily basis?

This one is a practical question. Everyone would think that even if the penis extender device works, how it would be possible for me to use it on a daily routine. Every man got some work to do. So, here is the answer;
Hashmi`s Penis extender device is made for Modern man.

It comes with straps so that you can easily wear it on your waist.

Also, the rods can be angled upward or downward as it pleases you. So you can point the shaft in any direction.

You can easily adjust your penis extender in the middle of the day. If you feel the requirement, go in the bathroom and adjust the device as per your comfort.

You just have to take care of one thing; don’t just indulge in hip-hop activities or in activities like running, climbing stairs frequently, and similar stuff which shakes your penis area too much.

Wear the device for at least 5-6 hours a day for 5 days a week.

How to wear Hashmi`s Penis Extender Device?

It is very easy to wear the penis device. There are a few steps that you have to follow –

  1. First, your penis should be in less than 20% erection position.
  2. Now wear the extender on the waist from one side and attach the given straps of one side.
  3. Place your penis on the extender, while glans in the front part properly placed and attach the other side of the straps and on the penis.
  4. Adjust the extender in the comfortable position and put the traction which doesn’t feel overstretched.
  5. Retighten the straps once again to ensure complete fit.
  6. Remember, overstretching is not going to produce good results. It will only cause pain and bruises on the penis.

Things that you should know if you are going to wear the pro penis extender:

  1. Penis extender is a device that works on the method of traction, and so the results take time. Tissues expansion and development takes time.
  2. It is obvious to have a head swell while you wear the extender. Due to continuous use of extender for 5-6 hours tend to stop the blood in the penis while applying traction which can result in this situation. You don’t have to do anything. It recovers itself.
  3. A light bruises and some pain in the penis is normal in the initial days of wearing the extender as the traction does it work in the corpora cavernosum. Be at peace, because it is temporary.
  4. In case, you feel unbearable pain, then it means that you have put overpressure on the penis or the belts are tighten hard. In this situation, stop using the extender for 4-5 days till it recovers. If not, then see the doctor.
  5. Don’t indulge in activities like masturbation or sex after using the extender. Due to continuous traction for 5-6 hours, your penis needs rest and not more sensation and work.
  6. If you want to have sex, you can do it on the days when you don’t wear the extender.
  7. Maintain a healthy eating regime, healthy here means nutritional and good food which contains protein, vitamins, minerals, and similar thing. You can a list of all the good foods for penis in the Hashmi blog.
  8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep positive thoughts for the results. It triggers the mind to secrete certain chemicals that can do wonder.
  9. Generally, the changes in size start appearing from the 3rd-4th month, whereas strength in erection and increased stamina and timing can be observed after the 1st month.

? Why Hashmi`s Penis Extender Device:-

We provide one of the best penis extender devices in the market. The most important factor while purchasing a penile extender device is comfort and safety. In this device penis extender, there is the minimal or no chance for injury as it fully supports the penis. The high endurance belts are long enough to cover the whole waist area and have multiple points for the right fit. The extender has the flexibility to set the penis on any point. Be it a middle-sized penis or a small penis or a big penis, extender gives full support to every size. The material used in the device is of premium quality that ensures its stability and performance. Even the long usage does not bring any rashes or irritation due to smooth and quality surface of the extender. The device can be worn easily and does not show any sign of wear and tear in long run. Besides, we provide the device on the most reasonable price and offer delivery in any part of the country and in most of the part of the world.

Hashmi is known for their powerful, authentic and researched natural medicines for male-female sexual health. Owing to the expertise and experience in the relevant field, we provide the most user-friendly, safe and quality penis extender device in the market.

How long to wear this penis extender device to get the results?

The device should be worn 5-6 days a week for approx. 4-5 months to get the ground results. The extender is known for its gradual and steady benefits in the penis size and performance. In the course of use, the user might find some redness and light bruises on the shaft area of the penis which could be due to the tight or overstretched fitting of the extender. It is not a thing of worry as it heals itself. Besides, the traction creates some tension in the penis muscles and tissues which could make you feel like a little swollen. In this case, you just need to stop the use for next 2-3 days which will help in further strengthening and rejuvenating of the penis tissues. The benefits can be seen afterward.

Can I indulge in sexual activities?

It is suggested that you refrain from sexual activities like masturbation and intercourse for some time while you are using the penis extender. You can indulge in these activities when you are not using the penis extender, ie; on the weekends.

Things to take care of when you wear this Penis Extender:-

  1. Mind the time and schedule – Don’t fall in the trap of “the more I do the more I gain” thing. It is not the way with the penis extender. The penis extender should be worn only for the specified time limits. After that, you have to take a rest. Because after the continuous stretch of 5-6 hours, penis muscles need time to rejuvenate and repairs the cells and tissues. It further strengthens and builds the penis. So give time to heal and then practice again.
  2. Maintain Consistency : It is of utmost importance if you want to gain something from penis extender device. Every day counts so don’t miss any day. Wear the device for five continuous days a week, then take rest for 2 days, then repeat.
  3. Take care of your actions while wearing extender : You should understand that after you wear the extender, you can indulge in all hip hop or running or jumping activities. You have to maintain a strategic balance in there to keep the device at its proper place. If in the process, you feel the need to adjust the device, do it without delay. Also, stay away from activities and situations where you feel like arousal while you wear the device.
  4. Don’t overstretch : Overstretching is not going to bear any additional results. It will further slow you down. Just put the light and comfortable traction. If after one or two hours, you feel like loosening some traction, do it.


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