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  • Vagina Tightening Cream

Vagina Tightening Cream in India – Relive Your Fantasies

Advantages of Vagina Tightening Cream:-

  1. Regenerate the vagina pliancy
  2. You feel rejuvenated and youthful
  3. Gives you complete protection and relief
  4. Enjoy a delight, racy and gratified sexual life
  5. Removes infection and keeps vagina healthy
  6. Made of pure natural herbs to benefit you in long term
  7. Tightens the loose vagina walls and repairs the damage cells
  8. Arrive sexual climax more often and revel sex at its best
  9. It helps you to keep internal canal of female organ tight
  10. 100% safe and natural formulation
  11. No side effects risk
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Vagitot - Vagina Tightening Cream
Vagitot is a vagina tightening cream that works on vagina tissues and skin to tighten them and brings more gripping and frictional experience during intercourse. Not only this, but the cream also works to remove infection or bad bacteria effect. It is completely herbal and very powerful cream to maintain the youth and health of your private part. The cream can be easily applied to the vagina and it has a very soothing impact as the herbs are included in the most balanced and researched ratio. It is probably the only vaginal cream in the market right now that has the advantage of natural ingredients and modern formulation techniques.

Be at peace because this medicine would bring new excitement to your sex life gradually. The success rate of the medicine is approx 95% which is not that bad when it comes to natural medicines. Compared to other vagina tightening cream, Vagitot brings result quicker. Because of the pure herbs and deep knowledge of natural methodology, the medicine is completely safe and very soft on the vagina.

What is the Need of Vagina Tightening Cream?

The need to tightening the vagina arises when it becomes loose due to reasons like age, pregnancy, alcohol use, etc. There are lots of reasons that could bring the looseness in the vagina. It could give rise to various issues in daily life like infection, irritation, the problem in holding, bad odor, etc. These issues slowly pose bigger problems and the sufferer finds herself completely troubled and confused.

If you put aside the daily life issues, then there is a bigger issue that comes with a loose vagina. Sex is food to mental and physical desires. If a person does not find it in its full flow in due time, it starts showing negative signs on the emotional and physical state. When the vagina is loose, you would experience very low friction and sensation during intercourse. Even the oral sex and touch to clitoris becomes less sensitive compared to before. Most women take it as the consequence of age and think that maturity has reduced their desire to indulge in sex but it`s not the case. The real culprit behind this misleading conjecture is your loose and insensitive vagina. When the vagina becomes loose, it loses grip, sensation, lubrication and blood circulation which results in low streaming of vigor and sexual desire in the body.

How to know if the Vagina is Loose?

To know if the vagina is loose, check these scenarios;

➺When you insert index finger in your vagina, you don’t get any gripping feel.

➺You face the situation of “Stress incontinence” which is an issue with those women who have looseness in the vagina. In this problem of leakage drops of urine that happens due to weak muscles and weak holding capacity.

➺You can insert three or more fingers easily.

➺You don’t enjoy lovemaking with your partner.

➺The vagina stimulation is very dull.

➺The vagina does not get lubricated during intercourse and orgasm is not an easy deed.

➺You and Your partner do not get the feeling of satisfaction.

Reasons for Vagina Looseness: There could be many reasons but these are some of the main causes of looseness in the vagina-

Age ➺Age is such a factor which surely brings some bad impacts on the body with time, be it heart, health or private parts. When it comes to vagina looseness, age is the biggest factor for it. With age, the woman`s body tends to lose and become less active. It results in low blood circulation and less secretion of estrogen, which is an important hormone for woman`s body health. The looseness in vagina tissues brings dull stimulation and decreases the excitement for sexual pleasure.

Childbirth ➺ When a woman gives birth, her vagina loses due to abnormal stretch and extreme pressure for a long time. After birth, the hormone levels also change in the body, body activity reduces to minimal which opens the way for looseness in private part. Though with a certain care and some physical efforts, this kind of looseness can be covered up a bit but the long-term solution lies in medicines.

Rough Intercourse ➺ Many doctors and articles on the internet suggest that sex cannot be the reason for looseness in the vagina but the truth is, it can. If a woman indulges in excessive sex, masturbation or use of toys repeatedly, then it brings extra tension on the vagina walls. Though it takes a long time for looseness by sex, it can happen if the woman does not pay much attention to her private parts. Rough intercourse repeatedly can become the reason for this.

Vaginal Infection ➺ This could also become the reason for looseness in the vagina. If a woman does not take good care of her private parts and comes in to contact of any infection, then this infection not only brings irritation and bad odor to the vagina but also damages the tissues of vagina walls. The skin loses its youth and vagina becomes less responsive.

How to Tighten Vagina with Vagitot Cream?

Vagitot is the herbal solution to tighten the vagina. It is the class product of Hashmi Pharmacy to help women in distress. The medicine comes with full-proof research and testing, formulated with the precious knowledge of experienced doctors. It is completely safe from any kind of side effects risk and comes in the most soothing form. The cream is very soft and safe on the skin.

You just simply apply the cream on the surface skin of the vagina and leave it for 10 minutes. It gets absorbed by the skin completely. The cream works on the vaginal tissues to repair them and tones the looseness. It also enhances the blood circulation to the private part which energizes the whole function better. Because the blood contains all kind of minerals and other important elements for the body, better flow increases the chances for better health. It also removes any kind of bacteria or infection and reduces the chances of a bad odor or irritation. The cream is not a sex enhancer rather it is a vagina health treatment. The regular use contracts the vagina walls and brings more friction in intercourse. The improved health brings more lubrication in the vagina which increases the pleasure of intercourse. The better blood circulation to vagina tissues increases the sensitivity which triggers the orgasm quickly.

You may find it a bit elaborated but it is very important for you to understand what results this cream can bring. If you are a husband who is looking for a good and safe option to tighten the vagina of your partner then it is the best product for you. If you are a woman who is looking for a safe and soothing treatment that can bring the big changes then it is the best present that you can gift to yourself.

Ingredients of Vagitot: Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Carbopol, Water, and Propylene

Precaution: Vagitot is a natural formulation so there is nothing to worry about. But take care not to apply the cream if there is some injury or during menstruation. Leave the area as it is for approx. 10 minutes after applying the cream.

How to use the cream?

The use of cream is quite simple. Just take the cream equal to one pea-seed and apply it to the vagina. Wash the hands before doing so to avoid bacteria and alien stuff. Gently massage the cream on the vagina and leave it to be absorbed by the skin.

Course Duration: Generally the course duration ranges between 2-3 months but the benefit of the medicine starts from 1st week.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What other things I have to take care of?
Don’t use any Viagra or other sex enhancers during the course. Don’t forget to clean your private part on daily basis. Wear clean and soft texture undergarments. Take a good nutritional diet and indulge in daily exercises like Yoga and Aerobic activities.

Q: How successful are Kegal Exercises? Can I do Kegel with this cream?
Kegel is helpful in reducing the looseness but it requires consistency, discipline, time and regular efforts. If you are using this cream, then you can still do Kegel Exercises for additional advantages. If not then too it does not matter as the cream cover all the aspects that are important.

Q: Should I worry about any negative impact?
You don’t have to worry about the negative impacts of Vagitot as there is none. The final product is made after deep research and testing. We have been in this field of male-female sex health for over 8 decades now. Besides, we incorporate the feedback of your users in our research wing to bring more productive and worthy medicine.

Q: Where can I consult about my issues?
We have a full-fledged customer service wing which operates 24*7. You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp or through Email. If at any point, you feel that your problem is not addressed properly, then you can directly contact our doctors who would give complete information about the subject.

Q: How would I receive my Order?
Your order will be sent to you in a discreet package with no product or company name upon it. You will be called before the delivery to ensure in-hand delivery.


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