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11 Actionable Breast Enlargement Tips to Increase Breast Size

Breasts are an important part of a woman`s body, health wise and appearance wise. It makes her what she is. A good shape surely lifts up the beauty and appeal of a woman though it does not mean that every woman should possess a good size just to look beautiful and sexy. It is a kind of personal choice and depends on preferences. Some women are good with their small breasts while some need ways to increase breast size. Besides, the choice and fantasy of your partner also depend upon this. It is already a known fact that men love big breasts. So, as we said, it all depends on preferences but as this blog is about tips to increase breast size, we will focus on how to increase breast size naturally.

This blog is the result of genuine efforts to compile all the methods that can attribute in the increment of size in a natural manner. We have tried to comprehensively provide possible details about all the points. If you find the information useful and worthy, kindly don’t hesitate to share as it will greatly increase the chances to benefit someone and our efforts will be rewarded.

Tips to Increase Breast Size:-

1.Breast Enlargement Exercises –

How to increase breast size by exercise? Women hesitate in going for this option and here we have mentioned it in the foremost space. We want to clear the doubts which most women are concerned about. Exercises cannot make a woman`s body muscular or manly like as it does in the man`s case. The reason behind it is the absence of testosterone. It is the hormone which results in muscle building and it is found in a negligible amount in the woman`s body. So, if you do the exercise, it will not make you muscular but surely will shape your body in the most appealing manner. A woman cannot gain muscles until she uses a steroid or follows the rigorous training programs like Bodybuilders. We believe this fact is sufficient to clear the clouds.

Breast Enlargement Exercises

Now when you do the exercises especially to increase breast size, you should focus on certain points. Do exercises which help in the development and strengthening of your pectoral muscles. These are the muscles in your chest area. The breast tissues and fat develop above this part so it is very important to develop and strengthen these muscles. It not only helps to increase the breast size but also helps in giving them proper shape, making them perkier, removing sagginess and increasing their firmness. There are many chest exercises that focus on pectoral muscles like push-ups, chest press, wall push-ups, etc.
Also, include those exercises that bring impact on shoulder and back area. It also helps in the better shaping of your figure and carves out an appeal in you.
While doing exercises, wear a proper size sports bra. The bra should have a very little margin space while properly supporting the breasts. Because when you will do chest exercises, it will impact on the cells and tissues which will result in a temporary increment in size.
While you routinely do the exercises, pay full attention to your diet as well. A good nutritional diet is must to attain perfect figure. A detailed info is given later in a separate point.

2. Yoga for Breast Enlargement –

Yoga for Breast Enlargement

If you look closely, you will find that there are one or two particular Yoga exercises for almost every disease, issue or health factor in the body. It is not fake neither your efforts would go in vain. There is a scientific side of every Yoga pose. Our body is very fantastic, partially discovered, most complex bio-machine. There are plenty of things that are yet to be found in respect to the human body`s capability and efficiency. When it comes to Yoga, every Yoga pose has a certain impact on that particular part for which it is meant. It helps in the concentration of body energy on that particular point which works to create positive drive.

When it comes to breast enlargement, there are certain yoga poses that can work to make the wrong things right. Breasts development depends upon various factors one of which is estrogen secretion, and one more is proper blood and energy circulation. These Yoga poses stretch on the breasts area and incites the body to do the required changes like developing the underdeveloped breasts and strengthening the breast tissues and muscles which help in perky, uplifted, firmer breasts.

3. Take Vegetables and Fruits for Breast Enlargement –

Does it need mentioning? Yes, it does. There are lots of ladies out there who just focus on dieting or take selective foods for taste. Food is the fuel of body and everyone needs every element for the right growth of the body. There are certain elements that work in the body for the secretion of estrogen and other important hormones that work for woman body development.

There is a big list of foods and eatables that can make you look healthy, beautiful and complete. If we divide it into categories, then there are four main types,



Vegetables are a very good source of various types of nutrients, minerals, and elements that incite breast development. Vegetables like ladyfinger, cucumber, soybean garlic, carrots, sprouts, chickpeas, chards, broccoli, cauliflower, are some of the vegetables that you can include in your daily menu.



Fruits are healthy for the body. You should take one or another fruit anyway every day. So far the breast development is concerned, there are fruits that can help a great deal in supplementing the breasts size. Fruits like apple, peaches, cherries, oranges, strawberries, papaya, banana, raspberries, will surely help in your efforts for better breast shape and size.



Healthy and balanced fats are good for health and also for right body development. The good fats include polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids. Olives, olive oil, various nuts, sesame seed oil, avocados, and avocados oil are some of the eatables that contain good fat.



Nuts are good to supplement the body energy and it contains numerous fats and nutrients. Chestnuts, walnuts, pistachios, are beneficial for breast development.

Other Foods-

Other Foods 

Other than this, there are foods like meat, eggs, dairy foods, salmon, whole grain food, are a good source of food to increase breast size.

4. Massage for Breast Enlargement-

Massage is a very good option when it comes to increasing breast size using natural methods. But the problem is, most women do not know as to how to increase breast size by massage. They just don’t get it right. So, here is the trick to do.

Breast Massage with Cream

Breasts are a very sensitive and tender part. The very first thing is the use of the right type of oil or cream for the massage. We suggest Olive oil or Coconut oil as these are very light on the skin and possess breast enlarging properties. Breast massage should be done in the night before going to bed. The next thing is to understand how to do it.

To do the massage, apply the oil to the whole area of breasts excluding nipple area. Now, put your hands on the breasts like you are supporting them. Then start circulating your both hands on the respective breasts anti-clockwise. Your hands should move on the outer line of the breasts while covering the middle area excluding nipples. The pressure should be light and oil should be in the proper amount otherwise you might feel rashes or irritation the next day. You can do it with both hands simultaneously or one by one. But remember to pay equal time to both breasts. The massage should be done roughly for 10 minutes while taking two or three small breaks in between. Wear a good support bra after the massage. One month of massage should show the signs of positivity.

5. Home remedies for breast enlargement / Herbs for breast enlargement-

Herbs for breast enlargement

Herbs have a miraculous impact when it comes to natural treatment. If the right herb is used in the right manner, it can correct many wrong things in the body. There are some herbs that are very beneficial for breasts development. But, it is suggested that one should take this herb after consulting their doctor because an individual`s medical conditions should be considered before any such prescription.

Soya Milk-

1 Cup of soymilk has around thirty milligrams of phytoestrogen known as flavones. Phytoestrogen is similar to estrogen which works in the breasts to increase the size by making new cells formation. Soy milk is made from soybeans and it can be found in grocery stores.

Fennel seeds-

Fennel is an herb that can help increase breast size quickly and effectively because it contains the same type of estrogen that’s produced by the body during the course of pregnancy and puberty. Fennel seed is also known for improving libido and is widely used in many sexual health medicines.

Sesame Seeds-

Lignan is a type of phytoestrogen that is contained in sesame seeds. It is also a very popular food item used to garnish certain dishes. A single ounce of sesame seeds has about eleven milligrams of estrogen in it.


When it comes to natural herbs, fenugreek is the name that surely takes it place. It is a popular natural breast enlargement herb because it contains certain properties like diosgenin that helps boost estrogen hormones in woman`s body. You can use it as a paste or drink tea.


Flaxseeds also contain a high amount of the phytoestrogen known as lignans. One ounce of flaxseeds contains about 85 milligrams of phytoestrogens.

Blessed Thistle –

Blessed thistle is a good herb for natural breast enhancement. It grows mainly in Asian and Mediterranean regions and is used for various medical reasons. Blessed thistle is taken widely for breast enlargement and also for increasing milk. The herb should be taken after proper consultation.

Dong Quai Root-

Dong Quai root is also known as Chinese angelica. This herb is known to balance the woman hormone levels and is a very good herb to increase breast size.

Red Clover Extract-

This herb is also used in various medicines to maintain the estrogen balance in the body.

Aloe Vera Concentrate-

Though scientifically, Aloe Vera is not proven for increasing breast size but the results show that the continuous use can bring some curviness, smoothens and tones the skin.

Pueraria Mirifica Extracts –

This herb is found in the Northern parts of Thailand. The herb is used in a wide range of sexual products and is believed to be a major driver of breast size increment in woman`s body.

6. Important Lifestyle Changes for Breast enlargement –

lifestyle changes for breast enlargement
Not just the foods and exercises, if you want to gain in your breasts size then you will surely have to make some changes in your lifestyle too. Though you know it or not, a woman`s body development largely depends upon her living style. Due to high emotional levels, the hormone secretion in woman`s body depends upon how she lives, what she eats, how she thinks, etc. etc. etc. So, start with a positive approach, try to ignore negative values and stay happy and high.

And don’t try to lose weight by cutting your diet. Breasts also consist of fat and so it is more than likely that when you lose weight, you will lose breast size also. If you are thin and have small breasts, then putting on some extra kilos will help you gain in size. However, it is important to note that weight distribution on the woman`s body is different for different ladies. Some women gain weight on their thighs, belly or at other places before gaining at their chest.

Don’t believe in spot reducing myth as you can`t just lose enough weight at one place without reducing the weight of any other place. When you burn fat, the whole body is affected because the body is a bio-machine, not a computer program.

So, if you want to maintain your figure without hampering your curves, then the best way is to take a good nutritional diet, daily workout, and balanced lifestyle.

7. Natural Supplement for Breast Enlargement –

Big B XL CapsuleWhen it comes to natural supplements, not many names come in mind. Though, the market research tells that certain manufacturers are doing good work in this field. One such good natural supplement can be found in the form of capsules and cream, named BigB XL breast enlargement medicine. This is pure natural, very effective, complete breast enlargement treatment that comes with the benefit of safety from side effects. Big B XL natural supplement is a result oriented formula that works to increase the size, tones the breasts skin and tissues, lift them up and bring round, curvy shape. For complete info on this, you can Click Here.

8. Sexual Focus for Breast Enlargement –

breast size increase after marriageThis point is applicable if you are married. Sex is an act which incites the hormones in the body and increases the blood flow. During sex, breasts also expand a bit due to high sexual intensity. So, it is the right time to indulge in activities that can help in gaining size. It will be fun as well. This can be done during foreplay and during intercourse when you can ask your partner to focus on your breasts like massaging and sucking. Here the thing to remember is that nipple stimulation is not sufficient. Your partner should touch all the breast area and the massage and pressing should include all the breasts. The pressure should be light and in the upward direction most of the time. It will surely bring fruitful results sooner. There are many videos in which it is shown that breast size increase after marriage which happens due to the above-mentioned reason.

9. Vitamins that help in Breast Enlargement –

VitaminsVitamins play a vital role in supplementing the body, maintaining health and body functionality. When it comes to breast enlargement, there are certain vitamins that help a great deal in improving breast appearance and shape.

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

10. Surgical Options for Breast Enlargement –

Surgical Options for Breast Enlargement

Besides natural options, there is also this option that promotes quick and big breast increment with surgical methods. This is rather painful, risky, costly and artificial boob increase method which is mostly preferred by celebrities. But in general life, there is not much need for such a method which could become a threat. If you are looking for surgery options, then there are two main methods to do this.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a technique where the fat from any other part of the body is injected into breasts. This procedure will remove unwanted fat from flabby zones, such as the stomach or thighs, and inject it in your boobs. It’s a win-win, don’t you think?

Silicone Breast Enlargement

This is done by implanting silicone shells filled with sterile water. On the other hand, it also contains a plastic gel, also known as silicone.

11. Life hacks to Visually Increase Breast Size –

Life hacks to increase breast size

Besides, working to increase breast size there are some tricks that can enhance your breast appearance and improve your looks.

➺ Practice good posture while sitting and standing, keep your head and back straight.

➺ Wear tops and t-shirts with embellishment over the chest with bold color and pattern

➺ Detailed neckline like using lace, gathering smocking, twists, jewels, ruffles, pleats, help divert attention from breast shape.

➺ Wear Breast Enhancer bras like padded bra/ sports bra/ Push up bra.

➺ Avoid thin or tight bra, give a little space for your breasts tissues to expand.

➺ Don’t stuff your bra to make look breasts bigger as it will negatively impact on your breasts development.

 These are the main ways to increase breast size. The patience, belief, positive approach and discipline are some of the main virtues that you should have while you put in efforts to increase breast size.
If you have any doubt, query or any other thing to say, you are welcome to comment below.

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