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How to Stop Nightfall: Understanding Nightfall, its Causes and Prevention

How to stop nightfall? Before answering this question, one should first take a quick glance at other aspects to know this issue better. Only then you will be able to curb it effectively. Nightfall is an obvious natural response of body in which man ejaculates during sleep. Most of the times, he comes to know about it but many times, it also happens that he does not even know. It depends upon some situations which are explained later. The incident of nightfall mostly happens with young boys. It is the body`s obvious reaction to sexual thoughts that come during sleep. There are many aspects related to this issue as to what is nightfall, causes, and effects of nightfall and how to stop nightfall, etc. which have been explained later in the post.

Nightfall – Should I worry or not – In the age of adulthood, man is not that much aware of sexual health, sexual reactions, and sexual cares. It is the age of power, passion, and enthusiasm and thus the body is full of vigor and energy. An adult dares to do those things in this age which any sane man won`t but all this is the part of young life. Sexual desires reach a new high in this age and testosterone always run in excess. Due to ignorance and a keen desire for sexual interaction, the person indulges in various activities to satisfy his sexual needs. Masturbation is one of the easiest ways to do that. In legitimate ways, it helps to some extent but the excess could impact otherwise. The mind remains full of sexual desires and young blood always look for some sexual subject to satisfy his curiosity be it movies, graphics, images, novels, etc. Though it is also the part of adulthood, it often takes a man to the wrong path. In all this stuff, his mind engages too much with sex subject. This feel, unsatisfied desires, and topics take a bigger, more realistic form during sleep when his imagination rises and mind creates a visual reality of unexecuted. These wild dreams do not wake the whole body but the brain sends the signal to the penile organ for sexual interaction. As the body is asleep, the blood supply is slow and the penis does not get proper erection and overflow of testosterone results in ejaculation of semen in sleep. As semen is a very powerful energy source, its ejaculation spreads a sensation in the penile organ and then man realizes that it is done.

How much Nightfall is Normal?

So far the worry is concerned, it is a normal activity of body in the age of adulthood and if the repetition is not very frequent, then you should live with peace in mind. What is normal is different for different men but an average consensus suggests that 2-4 times in a month should be deemed normal for a young age man. If the frequency is more than that then it could be due to high testosterone production rate, or poor psychological stability, or excessive indulgence in sexual thoughts, or problem in penis capacity.

Is Nightfall Bad for Health or Good?

Nightfall bad for health or good?Nightfall is a sign of self-analysis and should be understood. Nightfall is mainly and mostly the result of excessive sexual thoughts, watching porn, explicit images or indulging in sexual talks most of the times while feeling it. Besides, the second main reason is the overflow of semen which is generally the situation with few young men because everyone knows about masturbation and every one does it. The other reason is weak penis veins and capacity. So, one should self-analyze to know the reasons for nightfall and only then he will have the curiosity to know how to stop nightfall in sleeping at night.

Nightfall is not good for the body. You might read opposite opinions on different pages but it is not good for your penis or your health either. You yourself feel it the day it happens. The body just sinks down into laziness and sudden weakness. Your mind does not feel active and you find interest in leisure only. This is the first impact of nightfall the next morning. So let me tell you that it is not good and if it is happening frequently then you should take proper actions to stop it.

The two Important Aspects of Adulthood-

Many adults hesitate to admit that they do masturbate. Come on man, we are living in the 21st century when media and internet have revolutionized the things and society is much more open to taboo subjects and still, many youngsters live under the impression that masturbation is wrong and it is a condemning act. No sir, it is not. It is the response of mind and body`s natural urge for sex. It is the most common way to satisfy your sexual desires a bit without playing with someone`s emotions. The feeling of bad act often fills such young men with guilt and they curse themselves. This splits them into two parts. One part calls to listen to his sexual urge and the other part just asks him to stop and suppress those thoughts. It leads to confliction and the result is damaged state of mind and weak psychology. It reverses back and then man does repeated masturbation and then starts the real damage. So, come out of this cocoon of yours and live in the real world like a real man. Accept the reality and go with your flow.

Having said that, now come to a much serious part which you should always remember and include it in your habits. Masturbation is good for health and yes, it helps in the prevention of nightfall to a great deal but it does not mean that a man should just do it every day. As soon as man enters in his puberty period, his body starts producing testosterone and making semen. This decides the manly features in him like muscular build, energy, moustache, beard, and an increase in penis size and a gaining of erection are such physical signs of it. This testosterone and semen are produced by the body gradually, slowly and consistently. It stores in the epididymis and there is a limit of its storage. As soon as this place fills, the semen starts coming in the testicles area through the urethra. This causes heaviness and pain in testicles. It is the situation when you do not ejaculate and the semen overflows. This semen also comes out during sleep in the form of nightfall. Masturbation prohibits such situation. Besides giving utmost mental-physical pleasure and relaxing nerves, it also helps in maintaining the balance of the testosterone and semen levels. The periodical ejaculation also makes way for new semen with healthy sperm and better testosterone production in man. It also stops the risk of nightfall.

But what one should care for is the method of masturbation and its repetition. The masturbation once or twice a week is ok but if it exceeds than that and you start masturbating every day or more than once in a day then it comes in the addiction to masturbation. It is not good at all. It only destroys your body energy source and weakens your penile organ. So, when you are doing it, do it with complete patience and feelings. Don’t just go to masturbate at the smallest of the sexual instance because it will decrease the level of satisfaction and you will fall prey to do it more. So the balance is necessary. Besides, take care not to be too harsh on your penis as the grip of man is strong and the hands tend to be rough so take care of your penis while you are using it.

What are the Causes of Nightfall?

Nightfall is not that a complicated issue but one should analyze clearly as to what is his reason for nightfall. You can take the idea from below mentioned reasons and know which reason relates to your cause most.

➺ Excessive watching of porn content/images/ reading sex books
➺ Thinking of sex and sexual things most of the time
➺ Suppressing your sexual desires
➺ Avoiding masturbation for a long time due to the feeling of guilt or shame
➺ Excessive masturbation which has decreased your sexual satisfaction and weakens the veins.
➺ If nightfall happens and you don’t even know it then it is due to numbness in penis
➺ Weak psychology and low self-esteem
➺ Poor control over mind thoughts
➺ Highly Imaginative mind that sparks the smallest of fantasy into the fire, understand your mind
➺ Are you in continuous contact of sexual fantasy, like for a girl in your neighbor whom you like.
➺ Do you feel problem in holding the urine and go for repeated release, then you have a penis holding issue
➺ Do you ejaculate in daytime on slight stimulation of clothes or on sexual thoughts, it is a weakness of penis
➺ You sleep in a lavish comfortable bed where your fantasies arise too much, try changing it

Losses of Excess Nightfall – Side Effects of Nightfall

If you are facing repeated nightfall then you should take proper steps to control it as these are the main side effects of nightfall or say repeated nightfall.

➺ Loss of semen
➺ Dullness in penis veins due to sudden ejaculation during soft erection
➺ Weakness and inactive brain
➺ Laziness and disinterest in doing daily work
➺ Damage of testosterone
➺ A decrease in holding capacity
➺ Reduction in intercourse timing
➺ Reduction in erection hardness and stability
➺ Loss of semen during urinal
➺ Low energy levels in the body

How to Stop Nightfall – Prevention of Excess Nightfall

Prevention of excess nightfall

If you are going through it, then it is very important for you to have proper and a result-oriented guidance which will save you from going into depression, dejection, buying ill-informed advice from your friends or wasting money to neem-haqeems. A man should always have the courage to stand for himself. He should have the courage to right the wrong. When it comes to self-control, it is one of most important, hard but priceless battles that a man should win. If he falls once or twice, he should accept defeat rather fight till he becomes equally powerful to control and win his fears and doubts. If you are into the situation of repeated nightfall or in the addiction of masturbation and want to know how to cure nightfall permanently then you should include these lifestyle habits in your daily life and make them your new way of living.

1.  Start daily jogging or running for at least 15-20 minutes. It strengthens your legs and penile area.

2. Do some exercise, if you are not in the habit then start with pushups and light-weight exercise. It builds the feeling of manliness, creates energy in you and strengthens your body.

3. Take healthy and nutritional diet, avoid snacks, fast food, and cold drinks, take juice instead. Healthy food nourishes the whole body, improves body energy circulation and supplements body for better physical efforts.

4. Avoid laziness and physical inactivity.

5. Avoid watching porn movies, pictures, and sexual content. Once in a while is ok but not every day and never ok if you indulge in such activities whenever you get personal free time.

6. Focus on more productive activities like reading, learning a new language, learning new things, painting, drawing, or other activities which help you divert your mind. These activities activate other parts of the brain and you start paying less attention to sexual thoughts.

7. Masturbate once or twice a week, depending on your energy levels but don’t go for a daily habit. It will stop your body upgrading and also bring weakness to body and penis.

8. If you have nightfall, just ignore it the next day. Don’t just sink yourself in the worries or it will create issues. Accept it as a natural event and move in life.

9. Do some kegel exercises if you get time. Do them properly and with the right info. These exercises are made to strengthen the penis organ and help those men who face nightfall, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

10. Yoga is also very helpful in enhancing body and mind control which is very helpful to prevent nightfall and also to increase sexual capacity during intercourse. If you want to know how to stop nightfall by exercise or yoga, then follow this link to know about those exercises.

11. If you have frequent nightfall issues, then don’t drink milk in the night.

12. Take light dinner, go for urinal before going to bed and wake up at least once for urinal during the night and drink water.

13. Don’t stay awake late till night. The right time to go to bed is till 10 – 10:30 p.m.

14. If you are having a problem in sleeping, then listen to light, soothing music for some time and you will fall asleep.

15. Keep your mind calm that you will enjoy sex life when the right time will come. Till that time you have to gain energy and strength in you. When you masturbate, try to live all those fantasies that you were thinking of.

16. If you have nightfall issue due to a weakness of veins, then Hashmi`s Mughal E Azam capsule is the best medicine for nightfall which is completely natural and safe.

17. Avoid using extra soft and cushioned pillows and beds.

18. Wear loose clothes and innerwear in the night.

19. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it brings pressure and tension on the penis area which stimulates it for sexual desires.

20. Remember your god with true mind and true heart in the bed and thank them for granting us such a beautiful life.

21. Be positive in your life, stay confident and struggle your way through difficult situations of life. Mind strength and mental stability are very helpful in deciding one`s manliness.

22. Don’t suppress your sexual desires and give them a proper way to release during masturbation or sex and feel free to live at that time.

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