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How to Gain Weight Naturally?

If a person is not able to gain weight, it may sound nice to people who become overweight by increasing a roti in their diet, but Underweight people remain desperate for this reason. These people who fail to gain weight even after eating more than others, always look for a method to know how to gain weight naturally. It also instigates them to eat every type of food as they just want to add some pounds no matter what. Nonetheless, it should not become a justification to enjoy junk food.

It may result in your body slowing down in the production of natural hormones when you don’t eat healthy for a long time. You need the right level of hormones because hormones help in shaping the body. You need testosterone which makes the man muscular and powerful than females. To ascertain the right hormone and nutrients level in your body, you need to ascertain that you stick to a healthy and power-packed diet.

What You would Find in This Blog?

  • The important guidelines for how to weight gain fast at home
  • List of good foods that will tell you how to gain weight naturally

How to Gain Weight Fast at Home Guidelines:

☞ Calculate your everyday calorie consumption

Calculate calorie consumptionIf you can’t keep up verbally, maintain a diary of whole day calorie consumption and usage. It is simple in modern times. You can find various health apps that show very precise results. Your aim should be to burn lesser calories and stock up more. You can get an idea about your individual calorie consumption by comparing the BMR & daily diet intake. As you are looking to gain weight you should take at least 200 calories in surplus to your daily usage. An adult person needs to take about 3000 calories a day.

☞Don’t Skip More Time Without Eating (Maximum 4 hours)

take meals at regular intervalIf you want to gain weight, keep check of this point. The body is like a bio-functional engine that is always on and needs the energy to work. The heart beats, the blood flows, the brain works and muscles engage to execute daily activities and all these processes keep on going continuously.  When you don’t take a diet, you refuse proper fuel supply to your system. The result comes in the form of usage of stocked energy (body fat).

The best way to save the hard earned muscles/fat is to take meals at a regular interval, with a gap of 3 to 5 hours maximum. If you’re aiming to gain weight fast, the proper timing is very crucial. Sometimes, some visitors send us query saying they eat most of the times still don’t gain weight. Things come out differently when they keep a track of their diet. Then they come to know how inconsistent their patterns were. Uniformity is the key.

☞Eat Different Foods (same time)-

include at least 2-3 food groupsYou didn’t see it coming. Only eating at regular interval is not enough. If you want to gain weight naturally, your target should be to include at least 2-3 food groups. When you are eating a banana, some nuts would be good. If taking pieces of whole-grain toasted-bread with almond/ peanut butter, a glass of milk would be great. A larger variety of foods provides an array of nutrients that work to nourish the various parts of your body.

☞Eat Healthy (food with density)

Eat healthyThe best way to gain weight naturally without having big amounts of food is to eat quality food that packs a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, or excess fat into small servings. Take Dry fruits for example. Dried fruit does not contain the amount of water, a bowl of grapes turns into one-fourth of raisins. You focus should be not to eat more but to eat power-packed foods. It will help you not to stuff your stomach and would still give good calories.

☞Drink Food Juice Instead of Chewing-

Drink food instead of chewingWhen it comes to weight gain with food, we think of solid food as it stays longer in the stomach. But do you know that drinking stuff is a good way to increase the chances to gain weight naturally? Healthy drinks gift you nutrition without causing any unordinary instance. The good picks include juice, milk or smoothies. Smoothies give you the option to include a range of healthy and nutritious foods in one drink.

☞Never Sleep Empty Stomach-

Never sleep empty stomachOne of the stupid mistakes that you could make is sleeping without having food or with a long gap between your food and bed-time. The sleeping time is very crucial in your weight gain process as it is the time for healing, tissues repair, and reconstruction in the body. It is the time when body recovers/ repairs the lost/damaged tissues, but it cannot happen without the proper energy source. The last food you eat is used to do all those tweaks in the body and if you sleep empty stomach, you wake up with nothing except the tired and lazy body.

☞Exercise Daily-

Exercise dailyIt is obvious that a person should do exercise daily but most people skip this part. Some adults even come with concerns that if they do the exercise they feel more skinny and tired. For all such concerns, we will give you just one answer. Keep doing. Don’t quit. Even when you are feeling pain, even when you are feeling fatigue, your body will follow your path in the end. Our body is made to become habitual to anything. The more strength we spend, the more strength it would gain. But start in the gradual course. If you do all the stuff in a day, it will surely backfire. Start gradually and increase the level with time. You will start seeing the differences. You can give a try to yoga exercises for weight gain too.

Make your weight gain diet chart including these foods:-

✪ Red Meat-

Red MeatIf you have no issue with Non-Veg., the meat is a powerful energy source to gain weight easily. It contains a good amount of healthy proteins. Prepare your food in good oil and it would a great meal to gain weight fast at home. Take care not to add unhealthy fats with it as it would not help in better body process.

✪ Peanut Butter –

Peanut ButterPeanut butter is loaded with body fat and protein. It makes your breakfast full of calories. It contains up to 100 calories in one tablespoon. It also offers other beneficial body nutrients like vitamin, magnesium and folic acid. Consume it by applying a layer of it on wheat-bread toast.

✪ Fat Milk –

Peanut ButterMilk is the best drink when it comes to healthy drinks. It alone gives so many nutrients and energy which scares in other items. It is a quality source of vitamins and fat. Full cream milk is better than skim milk due to added cream. It does not matter whether you drink milk in the morning or at night, it will benefit the way it should be to gain weight fast at home.

✪ Fruits –

FruitsFruits (exotic foods in particular) are a good option to gain weight but don’t eat fruits empty stomach in the morning. Take fruits as a dessert after the meal and it will help you ignore artificial sugar-made desserts. If you are not more of a fruit-loving person then blend the good fruits and make a smoothie which is a really good item.

✪ Avocado-

AvocadoAvocado is a fruit, often misunderstood for a vegetable. Remember this name as it is an item for the long run. Even the half part of avocado contains approx. 140 calories which is a very significant amount considering its size. You can use it in various forms as well on toast to gain weight naturally.

✪ Wheat Bread-

Wheat BreadBread is a good breakfast and when that bread is wheat bread, it is awesome. The entire wheat bread is a healthy option for breakfast. Add peanut butter and some dry fruits on it and it makes double to your morning calorie consumption. Take wheat bread the way you want, make roles, toasts, or an omelet.

✪ Ghee or Butter-

Ghee or ButterButter and Ghee, both are the rich source of calories, high in minerals and high in body nourishment. Use butter or ghee while making toast, add a layer on the wheat bread, or use to make egg dishes, or add in your vegetables. Ghee contains elements that help to increase body mass, gives solid fat to muscles, and strengthens the immune system.

✪ Nuts-

Dry fruits and Nuts Dry fruits and Nuts are a necessary part of the list in context to weight gain. Opposite to general tendency, the consumption of dry fruits won’t weight heavy on your packet. 20-30 INR daily expense is sufficient to take a good amount of calories through nuts and dry fruits. The bonus point is, you can consume nuts anytime in the day even when you are in office.

✪ Cheese-

CheeseThere would probably be anyone who does not love cheese. Good news for you it also contains plenty of potentials to add pounds. Consume it as you want cheese works the same way. The compatibility of the cheese to use it in any dish makes it a priority food in the weight gain diet chart.

✪ Potatoes-

PotatoPotato is probably the most eaten vegetable in the world. Look at the variety of dishes you can make with potatoes, it leaves no space. It contains a high amount of starch which converts in body glucose. Many people avoid potatoes but you don’t have to. Don’t remove the skin of potato as it contains most of the vitamins and minerals.

❤ Natural Supplement to remove the hurdles:

Natural Supplement Vetoll XLIn half of the cases when we eat healthily, exercise daily and maintain a balance in all our activities, our body refuses to build up muscles. It happens when the person is facing some internal body issues like high metabolic rate, partial absorption of nutrients, inefficient usage of energy, an irregular performance of digestion function, etc.

These issues mostly remain unknown to the person but he/she might experience uneasiness, weakness, constipation which is blamed for underweight. To tackle these hurdles and move on the way to weight gain fast, Vetoll XL herbal supplement is your mate. It is not a weight gainer as commonly called, it is a deep-working natural supplement to correct all the irregularities of your body so that you can take full benefit from whatever you eat.

If you add these 10 food items in your weight gain diet chart, you would surely be able to give a good shape to your natural weight gain process. For any query/ doubt, kindly post the comment below.

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