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17 Points For How To Be Good In Bed (Images Representation)

Do you want to know it right? You want to know how to be good in bed and what hits the bull’s eye. Maybe you have seen enough, or maybe you are amateur experiencing new things but you know the curiosity lasts forever. Am I good in bed or I can try something more? You check every such blog/ article to see if it can meet the requirements. And believe me, your hopes will not go in vain here. We talk about serious things in an entertaining layout. Check the slideshow below and know what makes a man good in bed.

1. Pay Attention

Stay in the moment

    Stay in the moment

Respond to her feedbacks—faster, slower, softer, harder, and so on. Stay connected to each other. There is nothing worse than an ‘I’ll show you how it’s done’ attitude. If you want to win her, then understand her need, prioritize it and genuinely give her pleasure while receiving it the same way.

2. Indulge in Whole Experience

Indulge in Whole ExperienceWhat makes a girl feel good and comfortable in bed is your complete attention to her. When you show her that she is the only one who arouses you and you desire her more than anything else, it really turns her on. Don’t only say it also set in motion to explore her every part and she will know.

3. Be open to her feedback

Don't show Your self-esteem Your self-esteem may be too high but don’t show it before your girl. She wants to see your best. If she asks you to do something the different way, just do it. Want to find her G-spot and make her real orgasm? Then Don’t take it personally, No need to be judgemental coz these things can turn off her vibe faster than anything

4. Keep Distractions to Minimum

Keep Minimum DistractionsSilent your phone, minimize the sound of TV, and whatever other distractions are there, just shut them off. When you show her your priority, she really appreciates it.

5. Read Her Consent

Read Her ConsentA very critical point; This consent means you are getting her excitement and interest. As you know, girls don’t straightly say their desires mostly and there is no fun in doing if both the partners are not into the same feel. If you are going on without her consent, it means you are not worthy to be with her in bed.

6. Be Comfortable With Your Body

Be Comfortable With Your BodyAre you confident with your body appearance and feel comfortable while naked? It is a very important part. A man should be in his best form to make her woman feel arousal and attraction and to execute the things easily. Confidence for your physical prowess is what she desires in bed.

7. Understand Female Body

Understand Female BodyDo you know the other things in her body except breast, vagina, kiss, and intercourse? You better be coz it is what makes you a pro in bed and gives you the skill to make her comfortable with you. You should possess the knowledge about G spot, clitoris, other sensitive areas of her body, woman orgasm rule, and her sexual responses.

8. Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t Make AssumptionsThere is no predefined rule to become good in bed. Every woman is different and so her sexual nature. Just because something worked for a woman does not mean it would work with next one also. So don’t go in bed with a learned mindset. Act as per her needs, desires, and preferences.

9. Ask Her Things

Ask Her Things
Want to show her that you really care for her pleasure and you want her co-operation for you to feel pleasure? Ask her questions. What she likes to do, how she wants it, what is her darkest fantasy, and you will see her unbinding her restrictions.

10. Be Smart, Read Clues

Be Smart, Read CluesIt is good to ask her one or two things on the way but what is more important than that is your ability to read her non-verbal communication. Pay attention to her breathing, her body response, her eye contact and maybe you would not need to ask her anything at all. Non-verbal communication plays a big role.

11. She Communicates Too

She Communicates TooIf she tells her things and desires, if she is communicating with your actions, then it is the sign she is enjoying you. Her communication (verbal or non-verbal) tells a lot about her indulgence and interest in bed.

12. No Porn Watching

No Porn WatchingIf you both are of the same mind to enjoy some porn then it’s OK. But if you are pushing her to watch porn or trying to apply for porn-like positions then you are ruining the moment. Most women keep the sex and porn separate, unlike men who think it real.

13. Manage Your Anxiety

Manage Your AnxietyNow it is obvious that you can’t become something else like Mr. Perfect. Some nervousness and anxiety are obvious. But don’t make it too heavy on you. Give it the way in your love friction and see the spark doubled and anxiety vanished.

14. Don’t Pressure Her to Orgasm

Don’t Pressure Her to OrgasmYou put in your best efforts to help her reach the peak but never create a situation like you are only doing it to make her orgasm. The best love is done when both enjoy the sex at optimum but it does not necessarily mean she needs an orgasm to prove it. If your efforts are right, she will surely gain it.

15. Do You Avoid Sex Toys

Do You Avoid Sex ToysMaybe she has a fantasy to play with toys but if you are reluctant to this, it will show your insecure side. Coz there is no point that a woman would choose toys over you. So, put your insecurity aside, and enjoy the game. She will consider you open and positive. Rest assured, it is not a threat to your masculinity.

16. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New ThingsTry something new in bed every time you are with her. Don’t get nervous about its execution. You both will come along when you enjoy it. But it would let your fear come in the way of your pleasures, you won’t be able to become her best man. Try new things and she will like you more.

17. You Have A Sense Of Humor

You Have A Sense Of HumorBut don’t forget to make her laugh. The occasional light moments puncture nervousness, tension and sparks fun and intimacy. You would find her falling for you when you know how to bring a smile on her face when she is getting serious.

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