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Reasons Why Yoga is Beneficial For Men

Yoga can be called a group of spiritual, mental and physical discipline or practice that was discovered and originated a long time ago in India. And now it has become a trend that has been adopted globally. When it comes to the benefits that one can avail from yoga, the list seems to be too long. Yoga not only has a good impact on your physical health and strength but it also plays a key role in benefitting mental health and growth in your spirituality. Due to its immense importance and benefits, a special day has been given to yoga. Yoga day is celebrated on 21st June every year in order to spread the awareness so that most of the people could avail the benefits rendered by yoga.

However, many people do not consider it as an intense workout as they find most of the forms of yoga very simple. Yoga is still not the first thing that pops one’s mind when someone thinks of any fitness regime. Rather, it is very necessary to add yoga so that you can balance your workout schedule. One should sign up for yoga classes without any further ado. Most of the people aren’t aware of the benefits that yoga carries, they just find yoga as merely an exercise. Yoga is beyond workout and does wonders to you physically, spiritually and mentally. Some of the wonders that yoga does on you physically are listed below:-

➊ Yoga eases all your pain

➋ Lowers your blood pressure levels

➌ Improves balance

➍ Increases flow of blood

➎ Improves the health of bones

➏ Makes you feel relaxed and helps in a good sleep

➐ Improves the health of the lungs

➑ Improves the process of digestion

➒ Better posture

➓ Better heart health

Make yoga a daily routine of your life and witness the following benefits that yoga helps you in availing:-

☛Helps in Getting Improved Sexual Life –

Yoga for Better SexYoga helps you in fighting the most common dysfunction that majority of the men suffer i.e., premature ejaculation. Some researchers observed and compared the men who practiced yoga and suffers premature ejaculation with the men having medicine for premature ejaculation for 3 months. It was found that all the men that were indulged in practicing yoga improved their timings of ejaculation up to a great extent. The other group in which men were on medication witnessed improvement only in 82% of men. A study also proved that the men who practiced yoga for at least 12 weeks witnessed overall improved sexual experience. They noticed an improvement in the desire for sex, increased satisfaction level from sex, great performance in bed and their potential of controlling the ejaculation and orgasm. This impact on sexual life from yoga is because of the fact that yoga helps in attaining better and improved mood, good pelvic muscle tone and much-reduced level of stress and anxiety. The flexibility caused by yoga helps in better sexual performance.

☛Stress Buster –

Stress BusterStress comes complimentary with the busy and ruthless work schedules of today’s time. Yoga is a blessing in disguise in soothing and relaxing the mind and helps you in maintaining peace of mind by avoiding stress. Yoga helps your body to fight with the stress in a much better way as it eliminates the possibility of increased heart, regulates blood pressure and soothes any problem in respiration. Yoga eliminates all these possible outcomes that the stress normally causes. According to a research, it was found that those who practiced yoga, they suppress the production of some genes that creates inflammation. Inflammation is a common outcome of stress that could lead to serious health issues.

☛Increased Deadlift Strength –

The men who practiced yoga for 12 weeks witness increased deadlift strength and a significant increase in lower back or hamstring flexibility as well as shoulder flexibility.

☛Better Sleep –

Better Sleep gifYoga is the best remedy when you cannot sleep properly or you suffer insomnia. A study revealed that the men who performed yoga reported very few disturbances while sleeping and it took very little time for them to fall asleep. They also reported a higher score when their sleep quality was measured as compared to the ones who didn’t practice yoga. The better sleep due to yoga can be the result of the stretching and relaxation of muscles. The stretching and relaxing of muscles are due to the physical and mental exertion required to do yoga. The breathing exercises or the pranayamas in yoga also plays a role in attaining sound sleep. Yoga also helps in strengthening the respiratory muscles that help in preventing the snores or sleep apnea.

☛Improved Stamina –

Yoga improves StaminaYoga improves the respiratory and the cardiovascular health of the person. It also builds up the muscle strength. Yoga provides the stamina and improved flexibility which leads to better performances in other workout spheres like that of running, bicycling and tennis.

☛Even Muscle Build-up –

Muscle Build-upMen are curious about building up muscles especially the biceps, shoulders, and quads. They find it very attractive and work very hard on these muscles through a workout at gyms but yoga, on the other hand, helps in building the muscles evenly all over the body. Yoga not only helps in even muscle build up but also helps in increasing the flexibility of the body. Bodybuilding in gyms tends to ignore some groups of muscles but yoga works on all the muscle groups in the body.

☛Improves Posture and Mobility –

Posture and MobilityToday’s work life is just limited to sitting on a chair and working on a computer. Doing the same movements daily and sitting long-long hours on a chair renders to stiff and achy muscles and joints even at a young age. Many men nowadays focus on bulking up their chest, arms, and abs. Bulking them up leads to muscle tightness which in turn causes slumped back or more bent spinal cord. Most of the people spend their day sitting back on a desk and looking down on a computer or most probably, their phones. This prolonged time of sitting on a chair and doing the limited or minimal physical movements leads to a permanent pattern of a dropped head, sinking chest and rolling shoulders. Yoga helps tremendously in fighting these effects and the consequences of sitting on a chair whole day. The young men who practiced yoga for some weeks experienced an increased level of flexibility in lower back, shoulders, and hamstring.

☛Weight Loss –

Weight LossYoga is very effective in helping you lose some pounds and to tone up your muscles. A research concluded that the men who do yoga lost about 4 pounds in a few days. Yoga decreases the levels the hormone of stress, cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for promoting your body to deposit belly fat. Yoga helps in building lean muscles by using resistance and natural weight of the body.

☛Alleviate Chronic Lower Back Pain –

Lower Back PainWorking all day long sitting on a desk causes a negative impact on the lower back. This is because some muscles are left underutilized. When the hamstrings or the hip muscles are stiff, lower back muscles compensate on their behalf resulting in lower back pain. Yoga not just relieves from the back pain but also helps in relieving from other chronic pains.

✤Healthier You

Healthier YouA study revealed that the people who practice yoga have reduced the need for healthcare by 43%. Men tend to have more cardiovascular diseases as compared to women when they age. More than one in every three men suffers from the cardiovascular problem. Practicing yoga improves the cardiovascular health and cuts off the heavy bills that the doctors would issue.

✤More Productive At Work

More Productive At WorkBy adding yoga to your routine you can be more productive at your work too. Yoga tends to increase your mental resilience which makes them compatible in fighting with the stress. Men who are working on higher posts are more prone and vulnerable to stress and burnout. Including yoga and light workout in your daily schedule leads to an increased level of resilience and persistence and decreased level of stress and fatigue.

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