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12 Sex Drive Killer Foods

For having sex it’s just not the matter of two bodies, desires are primary to maintain a sexual relationship. This desire is what is referred to as “sex drive”. Sex drive is the desire or the urge to have sex. It is also termed as “libido”. It is the pleasure you get out of sex and the thoughts that you have about sex. This sometimes tends to get affected by various factors. Many social, biological and psychological factors are responsible for making up the sex drive. A lower level of testosterone (sex hormone) also results in lower levels of sex drive.

The lower level of sex drive is a cause of concern as it somewhere hampers your relationship with the partner. Your partner might be urging to do sex so much but you being low on your sexual drive would not favor intimacy. This results in differences between you and your partner. The food you just ate can also become the enemy of your sex drive. When you search on the internet, “the foods that kill sex drive”, your screen will be flooded with numerous posts. Don’t believe everything you read as many claims that there is no food as “aphrodisiac” and that food does not play any role in your sexual drive. It is totally false as food does play a role in increasing or decreasing your sex drive.

Penis size is also of importance when you want to know what are the things that kill your sex drive. Penis size is a matter of pride and confidence in men. Having confidence is also required to build up the sex drive. Some men always wonder how to increase penis size faster but if you want to know how to enlarge your penis naturally, you can definitely trust this well known herbal medicine Sikander-e-Azam. This medicine helps you in increasing your penis size and girth. This medicine is natural and thus does not possess any kind of side effects.

Look at these foods and avoid them before you are planning to make love as they can seriously affect your moods and desires:-

⚤ Processed Foods

Processed FoodsProcessed food is basically the left out food from which all the nutrients have been separated. Processing the foods removes the nutrients from whole foods leaving behind the thing that is of no use for the body, rather hampers the sexual desires and reproductivity. When whole wheat is processed and made all-purpose flour out of it then, zinc which is most important for men’s sexual behavior is lost. As much as three-quarters of zinc present in whole wheat is lost in this process. Consumption of refined grains produces resistance to the insulin. The resistance of insulin is the last stage that develops diabetes later on. Diabetes may then result in narrower arteries which leads to diseases related to heart and erectile dysfunction.

⚤ Microwaveable Popcorn

Microwaveable PopcornGoing out and watching movies or just sitting back at home and enjoying movies with your partner is a good option. Having microwaveable popcorn with the movies is what makes movies more enjoyable but it is a blunder to your sex drive. The chemicals like the perfluorooctanoic acid found in the linings of the bags in which they are packed. These chemicals are responsible for killing your sex drive.

⚤ Alcohol

A glass or might be two of wine or beer is normal and best to get you in the mood but more than the normal would might land your sexual desires in trouble. Alcohol has the capability to wreak havoc on getting and maintaining an erection and also affects the libido of both the partners. Slow down on your heavy drinking and you will definitely notice an increase in your sexual desire.

⚤ Beets

Eating beets before your workout ensures improved muscle function. This sweet vegetable, however, does not do much to support sexual desires. Consuming beets will support the healthy level of estrogen in your body which would lay a negative impact on the persons with hormonal imbalance but if your hormones are balanced and stable, then beets will prove to be a boon as it has the natural ability to improve the blood circulation which is a plus point for the men who have trouble getting in mood.

⚤ Shrimp

According to a survey, a person is exposed to 10 to 13 types of different types of pesticides each day. The most commonly used pesticides are the ones that are responsible for disrupting the sex hormones. 4- hexylresorcinol, most estrogenic pesticide, is applied to shrimps in order to prevent them from discoloration. These kinds of seafood should be bought organic rather than going to the supermarkets and buying the packed one so that you can avoid the pesticides.

⚤ Diet Soda

Diet Soda 
The diet word attached to soda does not ensure that it is good and healthy for you. Diet soda is loaded with aspartame, an artificial sweetener, directly responsible for affecting serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone that is responsible for stimulating a sense of well being or happiness in humans. Low level of serotonin is directly linked with decreased levels of sex drive.

⚤ Cheese

Cheese is generally made from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk carries synthetic hormones which are responsible for negatively impacting the estrogen and testosterone levels in the body. This negative impact on testosterone and estrogen ruins your sex drive leaving very little space for a good mood to perform the sexual act.

⚤ Sugar

SugarSugar is something that you will find everywhere in most of the things, so it is nearly inevitable.if you are not consuming sugar directly that does not mean that you are on a safer side. Consuming sweet stuff increases the levels of the hormone, insulin. Insulin is responsible for storing the fat in the belly area, loss of mass of the muscles and ultimately dropping the level of testosterone in the body. Increase in the belly fat leads to an increased level of estrogen which in turn give rises to the poor sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

⚤ Bottled Water

Bottled Water Water, no doubt is not at all at fault when it is comes to killing sex drive. It is the plastic bottle that is at fault because of the presence of Bisphenol A (BPA). This is a chemical component that is found in most of the plastic containers for foods and cans. BPA is known for its negative impact on the fertility of both the sexes. These bottles cause erectile dysfunction in men

⚤ Chocolate

This is the most controversial element in the list. Chocolates are associated with triggering the feelings of love and an elevated mood. Dark chocolate is among the most favored aphrodisiac foods that are known to make your mood lit up for the desired spark. However, you have to be careful while selecting your favorite chocolates as some are known to dip the levels of testosterone in the body.

⚤ Fried Foods

Fried Foods
Hydrogenated oil that is used to fry foods is responsible for lowering the levels of testosterone. Not just fried foods lower the levels of testosterone but it also adds on to the weight of the person. Increased weight is yet another reason for a decreased sex drive.

⚤ Mint

Mint is widely used as a mouth freshener. Fresh and cool breath is something that turns you on. But the presence of menthol in mint is what makes it hazardous for your sex drive. Menthol is an element which is responsible for dropping down the levels of testosterone in the body. As a result, your sexual desires are hampered.

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