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Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is one of the greatest issues of today’s time. Lots and lots of debates are being made on the different – different ways to lose weight. Now day’s gyms and other fitness training markets are at their peak because of their increased demand. Every second person has enrolled herself in the gym. Some persons, despite the rigorous efforts and workouts, do not tend to lose weight this can be because of their poor diet.

Weight Loss InfographicsPeople that are over in weight not only have to face health issues and laziness but they also have to go through the criticism and are often the subject of a joke in their peer group. The daily criticism that they face makes them very low in self-confidence and self-esteem that affects them very badly. Their work life suffers they lack in concentration because they are always worried about their appearance. Someone’s ability can never be determined by how much pounds they weigh. It’s just a number that can definitely be reduced by making some serious efforts.

Weight loss tips are the best gift someone can give to the person who is keen about the weight loss. Some people make starving as their companion in their journey of weight loss. Starving will definitely prove to be a good companion but only for few days after that, your body will be in deficiency and weakness. Starving gives rise to many health problems. When the person reaches back to her normal diet leaving behind the starving, the weight that he gains will be double than what it would normally have been. This is because starving makes the body habitual of eating almost nothing and when you return to your normal diet the body reacts adversely towards it making you gain weight more quickly.

Check out these weight loss tips and lose your weight with comparatively fewer efforts. These tips are blessing in disguise for the hopeless persons and help in quickly reducing your weight up to some pounds naturally:-

Water! Water! Water!

Yes! Writing water thrice has some reason behind it. I have done this so that its significance cannot be undermined. Water is the best home remedy for weight loss. It not only helps in achieving healthy glowing skin but it also helps in reducing weight significantly. Water helps you in eating less especially when you drink it before your meals. It also helps in boosting the rate of metabolism in the body which in turn burns few calories.

Use the Stairs

When the goal is to lose weight do not look for elevators. Use stairs instead of elevators. Going up and down the stairs is a good exercise when you have no time to workout. People who are very busy in their work life should definitely go for this simple exercise. Yes! It does involve some efforts but it does not require any additional effort as you have to come up or down either through the stairs or through the elevators, no other option.

Never Skip Breakfasts

Do not skip breakfast
Eat like a king in the morning. Do not skip breakfast at any cost. When you skip your breakfasts you end up eating even more than what you would eat normally. The people who haven’t eaten her breakfast usually go for binge – eating and a heavy dinner thereafter as she was starving since the morning. So it is a sensible decision to have your breakfast so as to avoid the binge eating and the massive dinner that follows.

Slow Down the Process Of Chewing

Chewing slowly
We’ve often heard elders saying to chew our food slowly. Who knows chewing food slowly can aid in the process of weight loss. Chewing slowly gives the feeling of fullness in less amount of food. So it is important to slow down the process of chewing as you shovel down your food.

Do Not Eat While Watching T.V

try not to eat while watching tv
When your favorite serial’s episode is coming on T.V. try not to eat while watching it. When you are totally lost into it, you have no idea how much you have eaten. You generally end up eating more than what you would eat normally.

Cheat Day

celebrate a day off from your routine dietYou can celebrate a day off from your routine diet. Cheat days are so much motivating. They make your diet schedule much easier and inspiring. Many people call Saturday or Sunday as their cheat day and enjoy their binge. These binges must comprise of healthy carbs otherwise all your hard work will be in vain. It is possible that you might gain some weight but worry not it’s just the water weight which you would lose in the following days.

Medical Help

slim xl capsule
There are many medicines now available in the market that helps you lose your weight naturally. These are really a blessing for the ones who have totally lost their hope and could not manage to lose weight anyhow. One such trusted brand name is Dr. Hashmi they manufacture medicine named Slime XL capsules which have won the trust of many hopeless people and really helped them lose some inches and pounds. They are totally safe and do not possess any side effect as they are herbal and natural. These capsules help in treating the problems of obesity and overweight. It stimulates the metabolism in the body. It also suppresses the excess appetite that you may have.

Add Fats, Proteins, and Vegetables to Your Daily Diet

Plan your weight loss diet chart in such a way that it consists of fats, proteins, and vegetables (low carb). Intake of 20 – 25 grams of carb per day is necessary but not more than that.

Sources Of Fats

Sources Of Fats

↪Olive oil
↪Coconut oil
↪Butter (low fat)

Planning a diet which is both low fat and low calorie will never help you reach your goal and in turn make you feel more miserable.


Sources Of Protein

✔Meat– Chicken, beef, lamb, etc comes in the category of good sources of proteins.
✔Eggs – Eggs are very rich in proteins and healthy fats which make you feel fuller with very less amount of calories involved.
✔Seafood and fish – Seafood like lobster, shrimp and fishes like salmon are naturally blessed with the most appropriate amount of required proteins.

Low Carb Vegetables

Low Carb Vegetables✔Broccoli
✔Brussels sprouts

Weight Loss Diet

 Must Eat Foods:-

Must Eat Foods

Seeds –  Just because they are small in size that does not mean their significance can be undermined. Flax seeds, chia seeds, and methi seeds are all naturally boosted with omega 3 fatty acids and this element make them essential in the journey of weight loss. Omega 3 is very beneficial in burning the fat around the belly and not just this it is also responsible for quick weight loss.

Nuts – The nuts that are low in calories and high in healthy fats are peanuts, almonds, and walnuts. This quality in these nuts makes them quintessential in the process of weight loss. They are very helpful in losing the body fat and losing body weight thereafter.

Legumes and beans –  Beans and legumes are responsible for keeping you full for longer period of time. They also improve heart health, promote good digestion and helps in losing weight naturally. Green peas, kidney beans, and chickpeas are good examples of beans and legumes when it comes to weight loss.

Spices – Spices like cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, garlic, and ginger are responsible for boosting the rate of metabolism in the body. They also improve digestion and burns away the body fat.

Vegetables and fruits – Fibrous fruits avoid constipation and promote digestion in the body. Examples of fibrous fruits are melon, orange helps in this regard. On the other hand, green leafy vegetables detoxify the body which further helps in losing weight.

❖Foods to Avoid:-

Food To Avoid

Processed foods – Processed and packaged foods are zero in nutrition value. They are just rich in trans fat that are unhealthy for the body. They are the main reason why you are gaining inches around your waist.
Junk food – Junk foods really are very tasty but the nutrition derived from them is very limited. Regular consumption of junk food leads to fatty liver, obesity and high levels of cholesterol.
Aerated drinks – Cold drinks such as diet soda and all that fizzy drinks like coca cola are all loaded with unhealthy sugars that just mount up the calorie intake.
Pastry items – Intake of refined sugar in the form of cakes, pastry, muffins etc. causes a spike in the level of blood sugar which is responsible in increasing the fat in the belly area and also makes you more prone to diabetes.
Dairy products – Butter and cheese are rich in saturated fats and trans fats which results in high and bad cholesterol levels. They develop more risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

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