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Does Penis Enlargement Work?

With the evolution of science there is barely anything that science cannot define be it the theory of human existence or about penis enlargement techniques. “Does penis enlargement work?” is the most controversial hot topic of today’s time. Some people smirk and argue that the thing like penis enlargement does not even exist in this whole wide world while some stand firm on their opinion that penis enlargement do exist and it is a blessing for all the hopeless man.

The curiosity of people in sex and about the ways to find out how to make it more satisfying and enjoyable had made a whole wide market with new manufacturers, new concepts, new ideas, new marketers and new products. But the question is “does penis enlargement works?” Plenty of male enlargement pills, pumps, creams, oils, exercise, surgeries, and weights are available in this recently flourished market.

What’s the Normal Penis Size?

Average Indian penis size

Every guy in this world wishes for a size that is an inch or two bigger than their actual one and to fulfill their wish they are ready to do anything possible. This wish of guys are due to their perception, even being average sized they are obsessed with bigger penis size. They fear that smaller size penis is a big shame for them. They feel that their penis is too small to satisfy the needs of their partner. Ironically, studies have shown that the men who think that they have a smaller penis are actually the one who comes under the average sized category. Almost all of the men live in the illusion of exaggerated idea of what is called “normal or average penis size”.

Average penis size varies from region to region. In India, the average penis size is reported to be 5.4 inches to 5.6 inches while in America the normal and average penis size is reported to be 5.9 inches to 6.1 inches. A penis is said to be abnormally small, in rare cases, when the erect penis measures less than 3 inches. This is a case of micropenis which is a result of genes and hormone problems. Sometimes prostate cancer surgery and Peyronie’s disease can also be the factors that contribute to the reduced penis size.

Partner’s Perspective

The marketing strategies of the penis enlargement market are so attracting. It is so brainwashing that you are ought to believe what they tell and what they show. They make you believe that your partner is very keenly interested and that your penis size matters a lot to your partner. You must first talk to your partner about this concern. Understanding the needs and desires of your partner is what matters and this is something that would really affect your relationship and make it strong and not the penis size. Being a good creative lover, the way you use your hands, your brains, your mouth and everything else is what really matters in your bedroom.

Penis Enlargement Products

There are various ways in which a penis can be enlarged. Check out the following ways that men adapt to enlarge their penis:-

❥Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis Enlargement Pills
There are many medicines available in the market that comes with the claim “penis long and strong medicine”. But not everyone stands up to their claim and promises that they make. Some allopathic male enlargement pills commit to increasing your penis size significantly but their commitments are a mere hoax. Allopathic medicines just provide the discomfort that comes from the variety of side effects that they cause. Contrastingly, herbal medicines are the best as they are naturally made from featured herbs.

One such trusted name in the field of herbal medicines is Dr. Hashmi’s Sikander – E – Azam capsules. These capsules increase the length and the girth of male sex organ and also help in increasing the endurance and sternness of the penis. These capsules help in lasting longer in bed. They are helpful in resolving the serious issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and helps in achieving the desired result of 6-7 inch penis. Despite the fact that these capsules are effective and do not possess any side effect what makes them lag behind is the fact that it takes some time to show the result.

☛ Vacuum Pump

vacuum pumpThe vacuum pump is another tool which is cylindrical in shape. This pump sucks the air out. You have to put your penis in the pump and resultantly it draws the extra flow of blood into the penis, making it a bit bigger and erect. Then put down your penis with a ring that is quite tight to restrict the flow of blood back to the body. This ring comes along with the pump. The effect of this vacuum pump lasts only till the time ring is on. If you continue its use for 20 – 30 minutes then your tissues can be damaged. The vacuum pump can sometimes be used as a cure erectile dysfunction but its effectiveness in increasing your penis length is not yet proved.

☛Stretching with weights

Stretching with weightsYour penis is not a muscle so weight exercise and stretching exercises won’t work for making it bulky. But hanging weight to your penis when at rest (flaccid penis) can help in stretching it a bit. You may have to hang weights for about 8 hours a day and if you are lucky enough, I repeat, “if you are lucky enough” then you would be blessed with only half an inch increase in the penis. The result of this stretching with weights can even lead to tearing of tissue, bursting of blood vessels and many other serious problems.


SurgerySurgery is typically for those men whose penises are not able to function properly due to some injury or defect since the birth. Some surgeons also offer the penis enlargement surgery which is considered totally unnecessary and can be permanently harmful. The most common way of surgery for penis enlargement is wherein surgeons cut the ligament that connects the pelvic bone and penis, moving the skin from the abdomen to the shaft of the penis. Penis appears to be bigger as the ligament that has been cut makes it more hanged down. In order to prevent ligament from reattaching a man has to continue using the stretching device for at least 6 months and the penis when erect can become unstable. Another way is taking the fat from the fleshy body part and injecting it to the shaft of the penis. This procedure is to increase the girth of the penis. This surgery is not always successful as the injected fat might get absorbed by the body.

❥The easiest and the most effective way for penis enlargement: Penis extender

Order penis extender Hashmi pharmacy’s penis extender is the best and the cheapest extender that you can find in the market. It is a safe and non- medical aid for your penis to be extended. If you fear that the medicines or any other cream or oil will harm you then you can go for this extender. According to practical tests, it is literally possible to your penis size by this extender. As much as 0.5 inches can be increased if you use this extender continuously for 2 months and one of our users also reported a miraculous increase of an inch within just 4.5 months(he has not prescribed any medicine in that period).

This device is very comfortable and can be worn for the whole day without any discomfort. This device is based on the stretching method. It creates continuous traction in corpora cavernosa(part of the penis). The traction so caused breaks the blood tissues and cells and creates new blood cells in your penis. You just have to be careful when you adjust the belt and control the amount of traction that you and your penis can bear. Not only it increases and improves the length and the girth of the penis but also helps in gaining a better erection and increased timing. Since the flow of blood is increased in the penis, therefore, the muscles of the penis get strengthens and hence it results in an exciting sexual experience.
This extender does not possess any side effect, therefore, it is totally safe and effective. The effects that are caused are permanent.

Tips that might help

✔ Lose belly fat

belly fat gifYou should get in shape and lose some fat, especially in the belly area. Bigger belly makes your penis appear smaller than what it actually is. Proper diet and exercise are must so that you appear good. Losing weight also improves the strength of longevity in bed.

✔ Consult Your Doctor

Consulting with Doctor gif

You can consult your doctor for the best of the advice and he will help you figure out the best way for you.

✔ Talk to Your Partner

Talk to your partnerTalk to your partner and discuss with her. Ask her about her desires and what she wants in bed. This will surely ignite your nights.

Summing Up

Men have made it their perspective that it’s only the penis size that defines their masculinity and dignity. It’s not the truth. Rather, how they treat their lady is what defines their dignity and masculinity and not the penis size. There is so much of scarcity of knowledge in this regard. Many men think that they have a smaller penis when they actually fall under the category of average size.
Maybe, mere focusing on your weight and knowing whether your partner is satisfied or not can solve your entire problem. But even then also if you are not satisfied with what you have you can surely opt for the alternative you prefer.

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