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How to Increase Penis Size Naturally?

Every man has a special connection with his penis. It is the symbol of manliness, the foundation of sexual life and the proud sentiment of every man. You can bet if any man on this planet gets the safe and secure chance to increase the penis size, he would do so gladly (except those who are already blessed with big size).

Penis – The male`s private organ is used for two main purposes – Urination and Intercourse. Most men believe they have the master penis. It is an organ that proves a man`s manliness and fertility in bed. How good a man`s penis ability is decided by how well he does in his sex life. That’s why every man is very conscious about his penis health and appearance. This awareness and consciousness give birth to penis enlargement treatment.

Average Size of Male Organ:-

Average penis size varies from region to region and country to country. Factors like genetics, climate, temperature, diet and lifestyle practices bring impact on penis size and health.

The average size of the penis is;

average size of penis

Does size matter?

In a precise form, yes it does. Only two things matter – size and timing. After all the love and caressing, all the emotional touches and orals, only one thing plays the role, ie; Penis. That time, as deep you can go and as long you can continue, determines the fate of your sexual life. If it hadn’t been true then there would have no sexual conflictions and penis health treatments.

What Doctors say…

What Doctors say about Penis EnlargementThey generally tell that if you have a size of 5 inches and a good stamina, you can satisfy your partner completely. But this theory holds true when you and your partner are like made-for-each-other. No issues no other person involved in life ever, no other opinion about sex, just a little stimulation, brief orgasm and all done. Then there can be no issue even if you have a 2 minutes timing or a small penis. But if it is not the situation

and your partner knows how to put her demands then you could be in a complex position if the timing is short or the size is small.

The above-mentioned statement could be too hard for some but to deal with an issue, you first have to accept it as an issue. Don’t just blame it on your fate. Even now you can change your world. Just with proper guidance and right penis enlargement treatment, you can experience a new sexual rejuvenation.

.A woman`s vagina generally expands up to 4 to 4.8 inches during arousal. It can vary from person to person. But it can stretch up to 200% as per the requirement as it is made to birth a child. The big the penis the deeper will be excitement which means more chances of extreme pleasure. If your penis is up to 6 to 6.3 inches, then you can easily touch her divine area known as G-spot and give her thrilling experience.

The Maximum Size of Penis in India:-

Probably one of the most searched questions on the internet in India is “what is the average penis size in India?” The answer to which is at last revealed here.
what is the average penis size in IndiaIf you have a penis size of 5.5 to 5.7 inches, then you come in average penis size owners. Male penis size in Asian countries is a bit small in comparison to African countries, the biggest reason being climate, genetics and human development. If you compare this average to other Asian countries then this average penis size is bigger than every other Asian country male`s penis size.

So far the maximum size of the penis in India is concerned, there is no official point to report about this but reports based on surveys suggest the maximum penis size in India extends to 6.3 to 6.4 inches maximum.

How can I make my Pennis Long?

There is no hard and fast rule for this. If you want to gain, you would have to be willing to put in real efforts. The penis is made of tissues, cells, and veins. The size of the penis is decided by these tissues and blood cells. This whole part is called corpora cavernosa. During arousal, this part is filled with blood. So the number of tissues and their capacity to hold blood decides how big your penis will be after erection. A good penis medicine or a good penis size increase method will be the one which either expands the size of the tissues or increases the number of cells in corpora cavernosa.

How to increase the size of the penis?

You can increase penis size by following one of the below-mentioned methods;

  1. Surgical Methods – Surgery is not a welcome thing but is a sure treatment in some cases. So far the penis surgery is concerned, people usually don’t go for it as it involves so many risks and after-effects. And the penis is not a part to do experiment with. The option to increase penis size by surgery is available but we would suggest not to go for it.
  2. Pills and Supplements – Pills and supplements are the most common method to gain penis size. But not all medicines are that effective and result-oriented. We recommend you to go for a natural method due to its safe and longer impact on penis health and appearance.
  • Sikander E Azam pills – The very famous and widely demanded penis enlargement medicine, Sikander e Azam comes in first place when it comes to medicinal treatments for penis enlargement. The medicine is one of its kind, thoroughly researched and tested formula to increase penis size. For more details, you can follow this link.
  • Extream X Capsule – Extream X comes from the same house, Hashmi Pharmacy. This medicine is an improved version of Sikander E Azam capsule. Though it is a bit costly than SAZ, it has its own premium impacts and results. Click here to know more.
  • Mughal e Azam Cream – It is in the form of a cream. The medicine is used for penis enlargement by applying on the penis. This method is most suitable for those people who want to gain the size but are a bit hesitant in trying capsules and pills. The cream has a similar impact for penis enlargement as the other medicines. Click here to know more.
  1. Physical Methods – It includes those methods which require applying physical efforts on the penis to gain size. Penis exercises like Jelqing, traction by penis extender, Kegel exercises, etc. are the examples of the physical approach to increase penis.
  • Jelqing –JelqingJelqing is the most common, very productive and result oriented exercise for penis enlargement. Though the results come in a bit of time, it is a good option considering no cost involvement. The things that you have to do are a focus on the method, cut out some time from daily activities and take care of your lifestyle and dietary habits. Click here to know how to do Jelqing.
  • Penis Extender –Penis extender is an instrument made to increase penis size. It is the primary medical instrument that gives an alternative to pills and capsules. The penis extender is scientifically proven to in various studies to have an impact on penis size. The device is based on the working theory of traction. To know more about penis extender, click here.
  • Kegels – Kegel ExercisesKegel exercises are helpful in improving the penis erection and ejaculation capability. If done with right approach, diet and in combination with other exercises, it can produce good results in term of size and appearance. Those men, whose penis tissues have shrunken due to some cause, can gain benefit from this method. Click here to know more about Kegels.

The ways to increase penile length are many but what you chose would become the reason for what you gain. The best method would be the one which is easy to follow as per your lifestyle, safe to use, have no side effects, and requires minimum restrictions and attention.

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How to Enlarge Penis by Food:-

Foods That Increase Penis Size Foods are not the direct source to increase penis rather they are the supplements that work with other methods (like exercises, medicines, etc.) to boost size. Some foods are found to be more effective in strengthening penis muscles and energizing cells. Some of such foods are mentioned below.

Bananas – In various studies, the benefits of banana in improving sexual health have been proven various times. Due to the rich amount of potassium and other vitamins, it works to increase the blood flow and supplements body cells. The regular use of banana helps male sexual health in more than one ways.

Watermelon – Though it is not found the whole year, one should take full benefit of this fruit. It is one of the most impressive foods to supplement the growth of the penis. It contains an amino acid that turns into arginine in the body and boosts the flow of blood to the penis.

Mango – Mango is also a seasonal fruit but it also has great benefits in improving penis health and appearance. The mango is very good fruit to cure erectile dysfunction and increase penis size. It contains multiple vitamins and minerals that work to create more strength and vigor in penis organ.

Onion – If you can eat onions happily then you would probably not face any penis health issue. Onions help in removing the blood clots that enables the better blood circulation in the body. The better blood circulation helps in better transportation of necessary elements and energy to the penis which corrects the sexual health and increases the chances of penis enlargement.

Salmon and Tuna – These fishes contain a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These elements benefit the body the same way as some blood circulation booster. The good blood circulation is very necessary for a better erection and better arousal.

Besides these, other foods that also help in penis enlargement are; Spinach, Strawberries, Broccoli, Low-fat yogurt, dark chocolate, Eggs, Figs, Pumpkin seeds.

foods that helps in penis enlargement

The above information is provided in the light of best knowledge and research. Still to err is human. If you find any irregularity in the blog, you are welcome to comment on it. If you find it good, you are most welcome to write a few words. Kindly fill the free consultation form to clear any doubts for free.

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