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Easy and Fast Ways To Enhance Men’s Sexual Performance : With Pictures

We can see a lot of discussion on health and fitness among many people in today’s world, but people usually do not talk about sexual health. Despite the awareness about the importance of sexual health, many people are still hesitant to discuss it openly with other people. Because many people do not discuss a lot about sexual health, many people suffer from various sexual issues.

Talking about sexual health definitely helps in enhancing one’s sexual health, and this is what we are about to do in this article. According to the study(1), one of the major reasons for divorce is a sexual dissatisfaction. And, one of the major reasons for sexual dissatisfaction is a sexual disorder. Among many sexual disorders that are seen among men, erectile dysfunction is the most common form of sexual disorder.

And, some other common forms of male sexual disorder that are ruining the sex life of many couples are premature ejaculation and lack of sexual desire. However, the good news is that there are ways to increase testosterone level in men and to treat various other sexual disorders.

The best form of defense, however, is prevention from all these sexual disorders. It’s true that there are cases where the sexual disorders cannot be avoided no matter how hard we try, but the chance of sexual disorders can be reduced if we adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, we can improve our sexual health drastically with a simple modification in our lifestyle.

What are the Ways to Improve Male’s Sexual Health?

The tips that I am about to mention in this section of this article are very simple to follow. Here are 21 simple tips for men to improve their sexual health.

1. Change Bad Habits-

Bad HabitsThe first modification in the lifestyle should be done by keeping out all the bad habits that can affect sexual health. The two of the most common bad habits are smoking and drinking. Both of them can ruin overall health, which also includes sexual health. According to the study(2), the heavy smokers (who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day) have 60% more risk of being diagnosed with erectile than other men who do not smoke.

2. Eat Healthily-

Healthy FoodsMost of the people do not have a healthy diet plan. The majority of the people are just concerned about taste and filling their tummy. Because of the unhealthy diet plan, many people are unfit. There are many foods that can enhance one’s sexual health while there are foods that can ruin a male’s sexual health.

Add plenty of fruits and green vegetables, as they are full of essential nutrients, and minimize the consumption of fatty and processed foods because consuming a lot of these foods can obstruct the blood flow, which is not good for sexual health.

3. Get Some Sun-

get some sunSun is a natural source of vitamin D and the human body needs vitamin D for various body functions. Being exposed to the sun improves the production of melatonin in the body. And, a higher level of melatonin in the body helps in improving libido and sex power. A higher libido and sex power are what is required to satisfy a woman on the bed.

However, there are many side effects of being exposed to the sun as well. Seek for some of the benefits and the side effects of being exposed to sunlight.

4. Exercises-

Almost all the people are aware of the benefits of regular exercises, but not many of them are involved in regular workouts. If you want better sexual health, then involve yourself in regular workouts. There are plenty of exercises, and exercising means not only going to a gym. As little as 15 minutes walk can improve libido, self-image, and self-esteem.

There are some specific exercises that can tremendously enhance the sexual health in comparison to other exercises. One of them is pelvic floor exercises. This exercise is an erectile dysfunction natural treatment. And, it is also helpful for people struggling with premature ejaculation. The study(3) shows that pelvic floor exercises can help in overcoming premature ejaculation.

4. Workout Together-

couple workout

Working out together with a partner can help in a better sexual relationship. Working out together means both partners will experience an increase in libido and endorphins, which increase the chances of better sex and better sex is what is needed for a boost in sexual health.

6. Avoid Excess Workouts-

Avoid Excess Workouts

Regular workouts can do a whole lot good for your health, but one should stay away from excess workouts. Excess workouts can increase the feeling of fatigue, saps up energy, and may lead to sleep deprivation. All of these adverse impacts of workouts will eventually degrade the sexual health of a person.

7. Abstain a bit-

Abstain a bitRestraining oneself from sexual intercourse for a certain time can help in boosting one’s sexual health. When a person keeps on having sex without a break, it could create a boredom and lack of sexual desire. Having a gap of a few days or weeks can increase sexual desire and sexual pleasure while having sexual intercourse.

8. Stress Management-

quite stressThere are many causes of stress. Some of the common causes of stress are relationship problems, work pressure, and so on. Stress can affect all areas of health in an adverse manner. Taking a lot of stress can increase heart rate and blood pressure. These effects can create a problem in erection and orgasm.

There are many ways to manage stress, which is good news. Seek out for the ways to manage stress. Getting rid of excess stress can drastically improve male’s sexual health.

9. Talk about Sex-

talk about sexAs the relationship grows older, there is a chance that couples stop communicating and sharing as much as they used to share before. This can decrease a sexual desire in both partners. Talking about sex with each other can help in reigniting the fire for sex.

10. Pay Attention to a Partner Needs-

understand partner needsHaving sex is not only a one-sided thing. Both partners must cooperate with each other. Paying attention to a partner helps in a better understanding of a partner’s needs, which help in a better sexual intercourse. Having a satisfying sex is what is needed for a satisfying sex life.

11. Regular Dental Checkups-

regular check upIt’s a strange thing, but there is a relationship between dental health and man’s sexual health. The study(4) shows that there is a connection between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. The gum disease can damage the Endothelial cells that are connected to blood vessels, which also affect the penis.

12. Vascular Health-

vascular health
Some of the signs of poor vascular health are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and so on. All these problems can affect a male’s brain, heart, and penis as well. In order to be sexually fit, a man must keep his vascular health in good shape.

13. Slim Down-

loose weight Many people in the United States are struggling with excess weight. According to the statistics(5), more than 2 in 3 adults in the United States are either overweight or obese. Obesity increases the risk of various diseases, and it also hampers the sexual health of a man. Obesity significantly increases the risk of diabetes and vascular disease, which are the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.

14. Enough Sleep-

sleep enough

Each and every person needs enough sleep to keep their physical and mental health in good shape. There are many health problems that are caused due to lack of sleep. An average person must get around 7-8 hours of sleep each day. The level of testosterone and stamina increases after a good night sleep.

15. Experiment with Sex Positions-

change sex positions

It’s not a good idea to try out same-sex position all the time. As time passes by, both couples may lose interest in doing the sex in the same sex position like in the past. It’s necessary to experiment with sex to maintain the level of sexual desire in a person. One of the best ways to increase intimacy is by trying out different sex positions. There are many sex positions to experiment with.

Trying out different sex positions can also help in burning out more calories than usual

16. Try out Herbal Supplements and other supplements:-Hashmi PXXL Capsule

There are millions of men who are willing to improve their sex life but are not being able to do so. As there are many men who are deprived of a healthy sex life, there are many supplements found on the market that claims to improve male’s sexual health and sexual performance. You can give a try to PXXL Capsule. It’s an herbal supplement to boost sexual power and timing.

However, there are many low-quality supplements that do not deliver, according to the claims made by them. Try out herbal supplements to give a quick boost to sexual performance.

Click here to know how to increase sex power naturally.

17. Take Good Care of the Penis-

do care of your penis Most of the talks are about the ways to increase sexual satisfaction and sexual performance. However, there is a very less talk about taking care of the penis. After all, it’s male’s penis that plays a crucial role in satisfying a woman. The uncircumcised men should clean their penis regularly to keep it clean. It helps in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

18. Change the Location-

Just like experimenting with sex positions, men can also try changing the location to try something new. It helps to bring freshness into the relationship. Sexual intercourse in a whole new place can increase excitement among the people. It helps to increase the sexual desire as well.

19. Use Touch to Increase Intimacy-

touch to increase intimacyA healthy sex life among couples is not only achieved by having a sexual intercourse, but also by the simple actions of love. Touching the partner is important to build up a closer relationship. Just use the touch, but not in a sexual way to increase the intimacy. Touching the partner every day with love, such as hugging and kissing can immensely help in enhancing the relationship. It will eventually lead to a more satisfying sex life.

Both partners would be more eager to have sex on a regular basis when there is a deep feeling of love between partners

20. Behavioral Therapy-

behavior therapy

Many men are struggling with premature ejaculation, and behavioral therapy is one of the best techniques that can help men deal with premature ejaculation. This technique is well known as a squeeze technique. It helps in pushing the blood back, which helps in avoiding ejaculation. The top of the penis is gently squeezed when the point of orgasm reaches.

Men should cooperate with their partner for this therapy. It helps men to get sexual satisfaction and spend a long time on the bed with their partner. Many couples lose their desire to have sex in the future due to unsatisfied sexual intercourse.

21. Avoid Certain Risky Sex Positions-

While it is recommended for men to try our various sex positions to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but there are certain sex positions that can lead to penile injuries. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid certain risky sex positions to reduce the risk of penile injuries during sex. And, there are cases of penile injuries leading to erectile dysfunction.

Consult with a doctor to get some valuable advice on how to have safe sex, even if it feels a bit awkward.


There are many things one can do to improve their sexual health. Following the tips that are mentioned in the above section of this article will definitely enhance male’s sexual health. Better sexual health means an improved sex life. And, improved sex life can help in a better job performance too. The study(6) shows that maintaining an active sex life leads to a better work performance in a workplace.

The top male sexual enhancement supplements, such as Virectin and PXXl Capsule can also be used to experiencing a quick improvement on male’s sexual performance. The men suffering from serious sexual disorders must not be hesitant to consult a doctor to overcome their issues.

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